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What Should You Call That Holiday in Early July? (Independence Day Edition)

4th or July, Fourth of July, Fired Up For The Fourth, Happy Independence Day or Nothing?

Sale ads arrived this week and out of curiosity, I wondered how they were going to frame the ads that precede our Independence Day (4th of July)? Would they stick with the actual date and not mention what it represents? Would they include any mention of our national holiday? Would they include both Independence Day and 4th of July?

So I gathered all grocery ads together and sorted them out based on how they were marketing our nation's birthday. I wonder if you find it as interesting as I did.

Photo of Independence Day Grocery Ads

4th of July Sale or Fourth of July Sale


Menards (twice)





(None of these stores mentioned our Independence Day)

Fired up for the Fourth

Aldi (It's actually two companies, Aldi Nord (headquartered in Essen, Germany) and Aldi Süd (headquartered in Mülheim, Germany)). No mention of the 4th or Independence Day but they did say it was open on July 4th. Are the German owners unaware of what this holiday represents?


Lewis (Perhaps the sales department is unaware of the forthcoming national holiday?)

Independence Day

Heinen's (Hole in One or should I say it earns 50 stars and 13 stripes)

4th of July and Independence Day

Sunset (covering all the bases, way to go!)

One more thing about Independence Day (4th of July), why not have this holiday celebrated on the first Monday of July so many employees automatically have a 3-day weekend? (Similar to Labor Day weekend) Too practical? Would that really mess with tradition, where some citizens would get confused because it wouldn't always fall on the 4th? Whether we celebrate the countries independence on July 1, July 2, July 3 or July 4 or beyond, the critical thing is to remember this historic day of our nation's history. (And of course, a reason to eat a lot, drink plenty of beer and shoot off fireworks at all hours of the day.)


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