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Joe Must Go

Updated: Jul 3

Did Biden fail his test? We must realize that it was Biden who challenged Trump to a debate. He and his close staff created the rules and insisted on this debate much earlier than typical Presidential debates. I suspect those closest to him felt that there would still be time to recover by debating earlier if Joe had a bad showing. My gut tells me those closest to him know Mr. Biden has good and bad days but felt they had to debate at least once to show he was still fit to be president. How did that work out for his closest advisors? Whoever has a Plan B, please raise your hand, it's sorely needed.

Regarding his debate performance, some Biden supporters say that Obama had a poor debate in 2012 against Romney, and he recovered enough to be reelected later that year. So, couldn't Biden recover from a poor debate, too? These scenarios are quite different. Obama was much younger and had another chance to right the ship to a win in November. Besides, Obama wasn't labeled too old and feeble, so Obama's poor showing that night didn't sting and never hung over him. Unfortunately, Biden doesn't have the best hand of options at this point.

Joe must go

I've read some advisors and his inner circle say say that Biden had a cold during the debate, and therefore, it affected his performance. I'll buy that 25% of the time but overall, he was apparently ready, and it may take more than the flu, bronchitis, a cold, and pneumonia to give that performance! Why did staff make him study so many details -- you're on the stage with Trump and not some formable debate master. KISS -- keep it high level, use examples and tell stories. Tell a policy accomplishment with a story or joke. Besides, why did it take about a week to prepare? Staff could remind him of his successes with a few details, you're halfway there. The more I read about his poor performance and hearing podcasts claiming that the Democratic Party is in crisis mode, the more angry I'm with several people. Has there been some momentum in his extended family to encourage him to bow out of 50 years of public service? Is this easy? No, but the stakes in my mind may be the difference between a dictator and a man who served the public.

My sarcastic self grinned when on the night day, President Biden gave a testy and impassioned speech in North Carolina. Great, Joe, that attitude and grit would have been much more useful the previous night! Interesting that you must have received strong medicine after your debate because it didn't appear you had a cold the next day. Something to dwell on. Let's face it, it's not unusual for a person that age to have good and bad days -- I get it, but those closest advisors didn't appear to be fully transparent on his recent mental and physical health.

Many of Biden's supporters outside the Beltway had been suspicious of Biden's declining physical and mental strength and the way he shuffled as he made his way to and off the stage. Why would Biden's handlers or family refuse to allow him to give a speech during the Super Bowl? What were they afraid of? That was a perfect opportunity to show that Joe still could govern effectively and was coherent. When he was in France commemorating D-Day, why did he only take two questions from the press? What are they afraid of? The Wall Street Journal reported that European officials were worried about Biden's "focus and stamina" even before the debate. Some senior diplomats noticed a deterioration in the president's faculties this year compared with last year's meeting. Why did the Biden administration shield him from press conferences? Limiting Biden's access to the media only reinforced what many democratic supporters felt about his inability to govern for another four years. And many voters ain't dumb (especially the open minded ones) and can clearly see Joe Biden is not the man he was four years ago. It's sad but indeed, if we're lucky, it will happen to most of us.  

Joe must go

Joe Biden had plenty of days to prepare for the debate, and he was still unable to counteract Trump's lies and misinformation. However, the Biden family and handlers think he's still up to the job? Biden was debating Donald Trump, who wouldn't know a policy if it struck him in the face (or got tangled in his hair). The inability of Biden to speak extemporaneously is a significant liability. Many of those listening to the debate are not certain what is planned for the next four years of a Biden Presidency. Jill and the rest of the Biden family need to stop making excuses for Joe and realize he's no longer fit to run for president – it's not hyperbole to say that democracy is on the line. Doing this will help Biden's legacy and improve the chances that we can get more attractive candidates in these dystopian times. It's time for the Biden family and inner cycle to say, "We love Joe," but in these serious times where democracy hangs in the balance, we'd need to say, "Joe Must Go."

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Biden performance was unfortunate. If he doesn’t recover and can’t beat a career criminal like Trump then this country is toast…The Supreme Court made sure of this! If Trump wins, our democracy looses. No country will want to deal with a felon who’s a career criminal. How will the felon preform his presidential duties. Maybe Russia and North Korea will work with him.

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