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Security Officer Going Above And Beyond?

I was stuck standing in line at the unemployment office on Friday, and for everyone who has experienced this, it is certainly not an enviable experience. I arrived 45 minutes before the office opened, figuring I'd be one of the first 20 (I ended up being 13th) in line to limit the time I would spend there.

After being in line for about 30 minutes, I noticed that the security guard was the only person working in the office. He walked up and down the line, asking people questions such as: Do you need a pen? Do you need this form? What's the purpose of your visit? He was also reminding people that they needed two identical forms. He helped prepare clients to streamline the process.

Did he take the initiative to do this, or is this part of his job description? Regardless, he certainly made a difference. Maybe helping those folks in transition standing in line helped him maintain order. At any rate, it was a bright touch to an office that certainly can use positive news. 

I visited the office the following week and observed the security guard doing the same. Kudos for leveraging the security guard to help the office move smoothly.

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