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I Ought to Buy you a Hot Dog

​Tom Brookshier died today at age 78 (January 29, 2010). He played cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1953 to 1960. Later, he went into broadcasting and, in 1965, became a color commentator for CBS. He broadcast three Super Bowls with Pat Summerall and did other pre-and post-game shows. While broadcasting for CBS, some of the broadcasters he paired with included Pat Summerall, Jack Whitaker, Jack Buck, Dick Vermeil, and Lindsay Nelson. He broadcast NFL games on CBS until 1986.

Years ago (1971), when I was just a kid, I briefly met and spoke to Tom Brookshier in Milwaukee. He and Jack Whitaker were walking outside the old County Stadium, getting ready for an NFL game (Eagles versus Packers). As my dad and I walked, I saw three or four dollars come from Tom’s pocket. I quickly scooped it up and ran up to them, and at first, they gave me a quizzical look to say, “What do you want, kid?” I initially asked Tom Brookshier, “Is this your money?” He quickly said no without checking his pockets. After Jack Whitaker checked his pockets and realized he was not missing any money, Tom Brookshier said, “By golly, it is my money.” He said, “I ought to buy you a hot dog,” grabbed the money from my hand, and walked away.










My father was not too happy with him. He was surprised Mr. Brookshier could not even spare a dollar for a kid who was just being honest. Not even a thank you! Being a father with class and self-control, he did not want to create a scene, but I could tell what he was thinking – something about Mr. Brookshier being a cheapskate, but he would not say it out loud. At the time, I did not care about the money – I just thought talking with two well-known sports broadcasters was fun. Brookshier continued to broadcast on CBS for another 15 years, so when my dad and I would see him on TV, he would shake his head remembering that day and the comment Tom Brookshier made about buying me a hotdog.

May Tom Brookshier rest in peace.

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