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What Makes America Great - Part IV

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

An irreverent and snarky look at what makes America great!

The GOP Rigging Elections -- If you're a seasoned Republican strategist for State or Federal elections, you have to realize demographics are not on your side as minorities represent an increasing number of US citizens. And these minorities disproportionately vote Democratic. It's not absolute but the trend has enough significance to be an ominous sign for the party represented by the elephant. And these strategists are not sitting on their hands just allowing this demographic shift to occur so what to do. Why not suppress the vote wherever you can, especially against those that threaten your power the most?

How is this accomplished? In some states or districts, why not have shorter polling place hours? Think of the money that could be saved by shortening the hours so staff works fewer hours. The other tool Republican strategists may use is more aggressive voter-identification laws. Look, if you can intimidate some voters at the polling station or scare others away, that might have a positive impact for Republican candidates.

In some states and counties, it's becoming harder for earlier voting. A response by a Republican might be if you're not smart enough to vote by mail or can't make it to the polls on Election day, our pity jar is empty.

Another tactic I may recommend is to refuse to restore the rights of formerly incarcerated people. If they're felons, they've lost their right to ever vote again even though you may have paid for your actions and will try to integrate back into society. I know Florida overturned this in the midterm election but may I suggest Republicans get aggressive so it doesn't happen in other states.

If You're A True Packer Fan -- You will not balk by purchasing Packer stock for $200 a share. Never mind it never increases in value and some say it's just a marketing gimmick preying on those who worship the Packers. The most valuable stock will eventually appreciate although with a bull market, you'll have the ups and downs in the market. From an investment perspective, Packer stock depreciates as the purchasing power generally decreases. Some Packer fans will say, "Who cares," I own part of the Packers.

But you know, it's a status thing in GB to have season tickets. Look, some may say, "I was on the waiting list for Packer tickets for 25 years and I finally secured tickets although I don't know if I'm happy or relieved. Anyway, I'm happy sitting at Lambeau and drinking a beer. If they win, that's a bonus. (One other note, those newly rewarded season ticket holders may have to hold their nose when/if they realize that 20% of the regularly priced tickets apply to 2 pre-season games.)

You don't mind sitting on cold metal benches in November and December while those corporate types have a cushy and warm view of the same field. (Some are identified as the Proletariat and others may be lumped into the hoity-toity category)

You won't care that many of their coaches are unable to make adjustments during the game to adjust to the changes their opponents are making. (Coaches have to keep track of how many timeouts are left or how many challenges are left which means some of their creativity may be usurped by mundane items.)

You think it's too harsh to hold the former coach accountable by not having a knack for developing players. Look, the coach has enough on his plate without always having to develop players.

The Packers organization may assume that fans didn't care that prior to a rainy & cold Packer-Cardinals game, fans at the Miller Lite gate had to wait outside for over 30 minutes to go through the metal detector. Maybe management figured if they're too dumb to sit on those cold metal benches for 3 hours, what difference would another 30 minutes make?

You don't mind paying $5 for Nicolet water (without a cap), served to you from a freezing cold bottle while you are freezing cold during a recent December game.

You won't be upset with your star Quarterback earning a 30 million dollar salary instead of taking a slight pay cut to help the team sign a few other critical players. (That's not QB ego being exhibited, is it?)


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