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Stop the Steal (Satire Warning)

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

What a diehard Trump supporter may say now about Trump, the insurrection, and the stolen election.

(Plenty of Satire, a dose or two of ignorance, mixed with stupidity)


I’m tired of the socialist media that continues to bash Trump. Our greatest President did not incite a riot so he doesn’t have to apologize to anyone. Even the chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, Steven Sund, confirmed that the President of the United States was not responsible in any way for the insurrection. If you need further confirmation, just ask DJT, he’ll tell you he’s not responsible. I trust him because he was President. Just because he said we’ll fight like hell to stop the steal doesn’t make him responsible. Just because Trump said he’d march with his supporters to the Capitol and didn’t doesn’t make him responsible. I believe he was going to go but it was quite chilly that day so the Trump supporters marched to the Capitol without their leader. Besides, the January damp and cold did not interfere with how, later that day, Fox News impartial broadcasts were going to ensure DJT was happy and warm inside.

I can’t emphasize enough that those who entered the Capitol are responsible. Case closed. No one else to point fingers at. Besides, if the Capitol police had done a better job, this never would have happened and DJT would never have been impeached a second time. I predict that will be the last time he’s impeached which means that his administration will do a whale of a job from 2024 - 28.

The police defending the Capitol were unnumbered at least 5 to 1 but still, those stationed inside should have done a better job maintaining order inside such a sacred building. It appears to me that those who entered were just acting like hooligans and truly wanted just to have a good time and not hurt anyone. What a story to tell your grandchildren?

Many Golf Carts In The Villages Still Support Trump.

I also question why Biden didn’t say something about having the National Guard on hand? I don’t think he was yet our prez but he acted like he was, so why didn’t he order more troops? I knew Biden was going to be a lousy president after he screwed up his first test. Besides, our beloved and official president was too busy tweeting about the ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign to give it much bother. He tweets because he has such a loyal following, some of whom love him like a king.

And speaking of the capital break-in, the lamestream media fails to mention that many Trump supporters were protecting the capital from Antifa members from breaking in. That’s actual news that’s not being reported. As Donald Trump would say, "There were bad folks on both sides…"


Several media outlets reported over 30,000 false or misleading claims over Trump’s tenure. This is the lamestream media not reporting the facts. Fake news! They didn’t track “false or misleading claims, and “false claims” during the Obama or Bush administration. What about Clinton for his penchant for pretty women, why didn’t they fact-check then? Why wasn’t he impeached several more times? Why are they picking on Trump? The Washington Post reported 30,573 false or misleading claims in 4 years which only averages to be around 20 per day. If they begin to fact-check Biden, he’ll be much worse.

Look, having skimmed history books, all presidents lie, even directly to the American people. It’s just the role they have to play to help protect the American people, when they lie, it might not be benefitting them, but rather protecting normal Americans. So Trump sometimes doesn’t tell the truth, well, what’s the big deal, all Presidents have lied directly to the American people.


Speaking of campaigning, has there ever been a more brilliant campaigner than Donald Trump? The way he gets big crowds, and they’re crazy for him, can you imagine how many millions came out to support him in 2020? An incredible amount of people attend his rally, despite the reports from lamestream media. You’d need a really big calculator to figure that out. Look, with so many people, tons of people shown on TV supporting Mr. Trump, how could he then still lose by 7.1million votes? In my heart, I believe he won but with the hate from the left, they rigged the election preventing Trump from making America great again. How could 7.1million more votes for a guy who struggles to form a complete sentence and a guy who’s most comfortable in his basement?


A female Trump supporter was recently upset as reported in the news that some democrats floated the idea of preventing President Trump from being buried at the Arlington Cemetery and she said, “Are you kidding??? He was a president!!! This is clear-cut hatred overpowering their thoughts! Why the dislike? How can there be so much hate when he was worshiped by so many? I thought we got our King!” She continued, “There are a lot of people buried there that people didn’t like and or disagreed with! This is pure hatred and evil and satan is at work.” I like her thoughts and that thing about Satan at work, I’m wondering if one political party in America may be in bed with that evil fellow?

One Trump Merchandise Stand.


I was never so angry when fake news started saying President Trump’s Inauguration was quite small compared to Obama. It was a huge crowd; somebody working in Acrobat Professional doctored those photos to show empty spaces in the National Mall. Again, the “fake media” didn’t come out with the truth that the largest Inauguration crowd occurred in January of ’17. One more thing about the size of these events, did you see Biden’s crowd size? It was tiny compared to Trump’s!


If Trump wasn’t still so great, he wouldn’t be so popular. I just can’t believe how popular he still is even no longer in office. With all those Trump rallies, MAGA hats, Trump flags, and of course, and Gadsden flags (Don’t Tread on Me). Don’t forget about all the boat parades in Florida, all I have to say is that the election was stolen. Our great leader was trying to drain the swamp and instead, as the swamp felt threatened, engaged in a conspiracy to overturn the election and prevented Trump from fulfilling one of his campaign promises.

More to come???


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