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SeatGeek, Please Be More Transparent and User Friendly

When I search for concerts or sporting events in Milwaukee, I'm not interested in also seeing the results for Waukegan, IL, Chicago and the surrounding areas. It makes it much more difficult to just drill down for Milwaukee when the Chicago events dwarf the Milwaukee events. If I just want Chicago concerts or sporting events, I'll change my search criteria.

If you want to seek for the Milwaukee, have that city be the only option available. If someone is searching for a big name artist that will not be appearing in Milwaukee, have the ticket searcher the option to add nearby larger cities to expand their search. Put the control in the hands of the customer.

The Rolling Stones will be performing in large stadiums later this year and I'll be in Tampa later this year so I search the 'Tampa' option and they're providing concert options in Miami and Orlando. Again, let me have the ability to search for concerts in an individual city and filter out cities that I'm not targeting. I spend more time manually excluding cities that I'm not interested in. For some, they'll want all cities to see if they can score inexpensive Stones' tickets but let that be another option and not the default choice.

When I use the 'Sports' category for my Milwaukee search, I get results for MN, IL, WI, IN, MI, IA with many states having more cities than just one. Again, when I'm searching Milwaukee, I prefer to only see concerts or sporting events related to that city only.

On to another annoyance. Van Morrison will be performing at the Chicago Theatre from April 23 - 25. Tickets for April 23 were earlier this week advertised at $193. One of the reasons I like SeatGeek is when you find a ticket, that will be the price you pay for. However, that's not always the case. In this scenario, the tickets are advertised at $193 but if I drill down, I see that's not the case for an individual ticket. Individual tickets are $206. If you want to pay $193, you'll have to purchase two. This is a little misleading; SeatGeek could be more transparent and provide the individual price it initially advertises for a certain concert in a certain city on a certain date. The price difference of course is nominal between the individual and two ticket fee but one could argue it's the principle of the matter.

In addition, surveying other concert festivals in Chicago during the summer of '19 and I see ABBA is playing which piqued my interest. It doesn't say any more than that, but I see tickets are quite expensive. Does that mean ABBA is touring this summer? If not, could SeatGeek put a minor disclaimer there so concert goes are given a "head's up" before they spend too much time on it.


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