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Genius Is Simplicity

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Sometimes, the best approach is the simplest. Sometimes, we don't necessarily incorporate common sense as we're too busy thinking hard at a solution or forget about overall design. To that end, I've included some examples of simple and ingenious solutions to everyday annoyances and predicaments.

GENIUS IS SIMPLICITY - Some time ago, our real estate agent attempted to turn on the kitchen light and she’d mistakenly turn on the garbage disposal. Oops. Mind you, I have observed this well over 6 times over the last few years with various people. Why not have a standardized switch including an icon so all users can distinguish between the kitchen light and a garbage disposal?

Unique way of recycling pizza boxes.

GENIUS IS SIMPLICITY - Sometimes, manually washing dishes is the right thing to do...especially in cold, dry weather. You get a hot sink full of soapy water and you let the dishes sit for a few minutes as you clean up the kitchen. No need to rinse dishes while wasting water before you bend over, sometimes only using your back to place them in the dishwater. In addition, after I'm through using the original water (especially on weekends), I may soak empty plastic or glass bottles in the sink before they are recycled. Even if you don't need to recycle, you can let the moisture in the sink add humidity in the air -- especially in colder months with sometimes dry air. Moisture is also added to the kitchen as your clean dishes are either in a strainer or a dish towel to dry. Again, you're adding some moisture to the air. Not against dish washers per se, but I don't necessarily see them as a be all device the way they are marketed.

GENIUS IS SIMPLICITY - If one travels often, why not create a travel list of items you may need when travelling? You could create an exhaustive list to include anything you may need for any type of travel and save as a template. Then, depending on the trip, you could customize the list and every time it's needed, you could print it out and use it. One travel list could be for the beach, skiing, city tourism, or overseas travel. Things may slightly change over the years but the key template would remain the same.

Letting dishes air dry is valuable, especially in winter.

GENIUS IS SIMPLICITY - Memorize your friends and families year of birth. That way, you can associate historical and cultural events to that person. In addition, it will be easy to determine their age by knowing their year of birth. For example, if born in 1960, and we just launched into the new year (2019), you'll know they are 58 (2000 - 1960 (40)) + (end of 2018 (18)). If their brother is 4 years their senior, add 4 years. If their sister is 2 years their junior, subtract the same amount. That way, you don't have to memorize your family and friend's age (as it's always changing) as this approach is quite accurate and simple.

This can also apply to your parents and aunts and uncles. By knowing their year of birth and knowing some history, you can use this information as a conversation piece to learn more about them and the affect historical events had on their lives.

GENIUS IS SIMPLICITY - In some neighborhoods, you have narrow roads where it's allowed to park on either side of the street during the day. When cars and traveling in opposite directions, it creates a bottleneck. Why not alternate daytime parking to odd and even days to improve the flow of traffic?

GENIUS IS SIMPLICITY - I fixed a office chair where the staples on the leather seat had become dislodged from the bottom of the chair. A solution, use your initial screw to position the cushion in place. Once done, continue to use screws on both sides of the cushion to ensure it's fixed correctly.

Smoking area at the Stockholm airport. A win-win?

GENIUS IS SIMPLICITY - Lexus is offering a RX 350 car with car play and a Navigation system. This is the first year that car play is being offered, but many of the Lexus vehicles continue to have the Navigation system. If you have car play, you can use your phone and apps to navigate the system if you need directions. You don't need both, and with the Navigation system costing about $2,000, why bother paying this up charge?

GENIUS IS SIMPLICITY - Charlie cuts my hair from time to time and is very old school and has never paid for cable television. He has an external antenna that can capture about 45 high definition programs although most of these are not movie or sports related. Because he does not follow sports, having only a TV antenna will suffice. Also, he will go to the library and check-out those movies such as Game of Thrones, Sopranos or Breaking Bad from the local library. these programs have already been aired on Netfix or HBO but he hasn't had any issues with anyone spoiling the end of the program.

What an eco-friendly approach to sink soap noticed in Germany.

GENIUS IS SIMPLICITY - To help the health of my lawn, I bought some second hand soccer shoes with rubber cleats that I use when moving the lawn. I don't play soccer any longer but use these (with arch supports) when moving my lawn, adding some divots and breathing room for my lawn. I especially do this when the lawn is heavily saturated as the spikes will increase the breath ability of my lawn. My neighbors may look at me with puzzled looks but this may be an effective way of aerating one's lawn without having to rent that very heavy and bulky machine.


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