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Contrarian or Interesting Photos - Part III

Whoever put that sign up about the wet floor didn't bring a mop and broom to completely clean up the mess. I think that the current sign will alert all people, especially the elderly, no need to work about a 75-year-old woman with poor eyesight slipping on the glass in the international foods aisle.

You guessed it, that dude is from Wisconsin. It was hard to pick out. What really gave it away? The fan’s haircut? His 'W' imitation to represent Wisconsin? Or was it the red polo that gave it away? You know, the power of red. Or, was it the lower half of the red polo?

When you're on the beach with your bike sans kick-stand, and you want to avoid sand in your front and rear sprocket and derailleur, what other choice do you have?

Trump 2020. Ok, sounds quite stale to me. What’s the new slogan, "Make America great again"? He's had 4 years, if that's his slogan, you need his campaign directors to add more creativity to Trump's re-election campaign.

I'm confused, is that her name, girl's friend's name or her place of birth. Appreciate her moving her hair to the side to get a good view of this shoulder tattoo.

Pictures and words describing what can and can't be recycled. Simple, Straightforward and let’s hope it's Effective.

Love this commercial by SimpliSafe. Cute and effective as the actor is using humor to promote the SimpliSafe products. The ad approach is quite unlike the other home security devices. My question, is it effective? Does the fact that I appreciate the creativity and humor behind this ad make me more motivated to consider SimpliSafe if indeed I was in the market for a home security system?

This community takes its trees and non-neon signs seriously. Community-oriented signage in Lake Forest near a 4 way stop. How effective? Not sure. However, the visuals replace other signage throughout the village that the village does not allow. Neon, obstructive signs. Gaudy signs are definitely out.

I was going to buy some mandarin oranges in the produce department but that sharp Provolone chased me away. The display states it's been aged for 7 months, smells like 7 years.

I guess airport customers have time to burn to wait in a line of 15 or so while 3 Starbuck's employees serve the next customer in line. Can you imagine if someone told you 30 years ago that devout coffee customers would have to wait in line for a $5 cup of gourmet coffee, what would your response have been?


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