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Ad Blocker Irony

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

This AdBlocker software was first noticed several months ago. I thought it was interesting how an ad, even though apparently a legitimate software tool could be advertised through Google Mail? It does not ultimately matter which description it fits into, just one that advertisers the ability to block ads but while doing this, is directly contributing to the issue of getting too much email and spam.

Regarding Google Mail, I have 5 main categories for incoming and outgoing mail: Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates, and Forums. For a strange reason, the ad blocker ad was found under the Social category a number of times. It's an ad so not completely square on why this type of ad would not be part of the Promotions category. To be fair, the '' tile provider is also considered Social, and yet they are promoting tiles and other materials. No issue with a provider wanting to advertise to create more eyeballs and prospective business but this promotion is misdiagnosed.

It may be possible when evaluating this ad that the Ad Gone service ends in an 'org.' I'm not sure what that means except that this suffix typically indicates a non-for-profit organization. I'd be very suspicious that this ad gone service was profit-free just by my overall review of this ad hiding in plain sight.

This software also promises 'Enjoy a Peaceful Internet!,' how cute, there are other ways I can enjoy a peaceful internet. Like, not be bothered about such companies that promise to eliminate stuff while they are part of the group that needs elimination. The other way I'd put it: They boast to be our online protector and yet, they appear to not be setting a positive example as a producer of spam.

Again, the only question I have for Google is why is Ad Gone ad appeared in my Social folder. I understand this type of ad would land into Promotions instead, but Social? Come on Google!

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