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Zoetry Resort, Punta Cana, Dominician Republic

In early December, my wife and I booked a 6-day resort stay in the Dominican Republic at the Zoetry Resort, Punta Cana. It was booked through Costco, and the stay began on the first day of the new year (2024). According to the Costco reviews, the resort received rave reviews (4.7 out of 5), so our expectations were slightly higher than normal. Having taken several notes during our stay, I am focused on providing an objective overview of our experience at the Zoetry Resort in Punta Cana.


The friendly staff is very attentive, and most resort employees greet you with a smile.

Zoetry Resort, Punta Cana
Beautifully landscaped resort

The resort had plenty of recycling, which was a perfect look.

The grounds were well maintained; I appreciated the beauty of the landscaping.

The staff appreciates tips – they'll remember you next time.

Leidy (Indigo). The hostess at breakfast always greeted us with a genuine smile.

Mr Coffee (Indigo) at breakfast was so happy and welcoming.

Beach server: Wilca, fantastic service.

The evening entertainment was good, and I enjoyed the music, dancing, and acrobatics.

At the Olena restaurant, we had very good Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Zoetry Resort, Punta Cana
Beautiful beach and warm water.

Transportation to and from the airport was safe and punctual. However, just be forewarned that the resort is nearly one hour from the airport.

Housekeeping provided cleaning three times a day, which was a nice touch.

A 30-minute horseback ride on the beach was a different experience.

$335 for a 50-minute couples massage; even though it was pricey, typical of Caribbean resorts, my wife and I really enjoyed the experience.

Beautiful weather, water was a perfect temperature.


When we arrived, the front desk person asked us about the three expectations we wanted to accomplish at this resort. We thought the resort was going to help us meet those expectations. When we checked out, we asked about our list, thinking they would review it with us. When we heard our card was locked up somewhere, we realized the staff, my wife, and I had different expectations about this exercise.

Zoetry Resort, Punta Cana
Housekeeping three times a day, nice touch.

Language barrier? I requested no ham; the appetizer came with ham. Request no ice; diet cola comes with ice. Later, I requested a little ice, which came without any ice. I didn't have too much of an issue with this as the wait staff tried so hard to please their guests.

Supplies should be replenished regularly in our room. No new toiletries; waited several days for coffee cartridges to be restocked.

WiFi signal could have been better, regardless of where we were in the resort.

Zoetry Resort, Punta Cana
This cat kept following us around our resort room.

Cat invading our privacy on our balcony. It would not leave us alone.

When there is no hot water due to a boiler issue, why not text all the guests to be proactive? Otherwise, just field calls. When fixed, send out another text to keep guests well informed.

I told the staff about wood particles in our closet, and their response was, "I've never seen that before." Was there an insect issue inside our room?

How can a 5-star hotel encourage guests to place used toilet paper in the waste basket?

Zoetry Resort, Punta Cana
Don't know where these bug bites came from, but they last more than several days.

How can a 5-star hotel have a power outage? (Twice within 2 hours)

How can a 5-star hotel have a boiler break so we are without hot water for two consecutive evenings?

We talked with Frank (front desk) the second night we were without water, and he mentioned that Diana (Resort Manager) would contact us. That never happened.

Zoetry Resort, Punta Cana
LED light instead?

Because of the power issue, we lost our TV signal. The final games of the NFL regular season are on Saturday night, so I cannot watch.

We noticed that many beach chairs had towels laid out, but often, no one used them. Some guests needed help finding good sitting areas, which was unfortunate. Staff can better regulate this; if not used within 2 hours, remove the towels so guests can use them.

Wild Cat
Romantic walkway returning from dinner.

I noticed the lamps in our room were using compact fluorescent bulbs. Moving forward to save more energy, may I suggest LED bulbs?

Even though the resort does spray to repel insects, there are still issues with insects around the resort, so I’d recommend bringing strong insect repellent.

Concierge: Amada. No outreach, poor service, and attentiveness. Our concierge didn't recognize us; other concierges greeted their guests during breakfast and were much more involved. Amada, our concierge, said we needed to remind her about securing a ride to the airport. A reminder was needed as she told me she might forget. Did the staff tell Amada about our hot water issue? She also didn't mention we qualified for horseback riding; my wife had to read about it.

Zoetry Resort, Punta Cana
Insects chewing up wood?

Overall, I'd give this resort three stars out of five. Even though the restaurant service was outstanding, too many other things didn't go right at Zoetry.

Editor's Note: Regarding Google Reviews, I was able to pursue the good and the challenging aspects of this resort for the last 6 months. To their credit, Diana V., representing the resort, answers most of the comments. However, with some of the critical comments, her typical response is, "I'm sorry you had some challenges during your stay," or, "Thank you for your review. We apologize for any discomfort this has caused." Interestingly, this resort is somewhat expensive; I'd be curious to know if Diana is empowered to compensate for the inconvenience.

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