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What Makes America Great? - Part II

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Irreverent and snarky look at what makes America great. If I can't be funny, I'll try to be interesting...

What makes America great?

Electronic Balloting Is Fine -- Who needs paper ballots when we could save time by using the electronic ballots? When technology is created and becomes "popular" regarding on the societal impact, it's often accepted by institutions and the electorate. We've used paper ballots for many years without majory issues and are a lot less likely to be tampered with but in the US, why not use the technology once we have it, regardless of the accuracy or ability to have an accurate recount?

Car Service Departments -- I get my oil changed at various car service companies and I'm so floored by their thoughtfulness. Even though I only need my oil changed, they seem to find something else that I need to fix. I may need new brakes, my tires rotated or a new fuel pump, so I appreciate caring and considerate neighbors looking out for me. If I didn't have them telling them there's an issue with some part of my car every time my car is serviced for an oil change. Thanks car service professionals. With my limited automobile knowledge, how could my car survive?

Subsidized Professional Teams -- Isn't it great that state or local politicians and often residents of a certain area will accept greater taxes or be asked to "kick in" a certain amount of $ to bring or maintain a pro franchise. It's sold as an "economic benefit" to the citizens whether or not it's true. The irony is that down the road, if the billionaire pro owner feels the needs for a new stadium, they'll go through this same circus again where local and state money is promised to keep the team in town. Again, it's good business to do so, or at least that's what we're told. Anyway, the only one who get rich besides kickbacks to politicians appear to be the owners. It's a great way to make many millions if you have a few hundred millions to play with. Couldn't someone argue that NFL owners are being loyal by remaining once they get a new stadium built or tax advantages?

Elections on Saturday or Sunday? -- Some say we should have elections on the weekend to allow people to vote. Perhaps have the polling places open 12 hours for both days but I'm not for that. Weekends are important for people to overeat and consume too much vino or beer which may give them the ability to deal with relatives or friends, especially around the holidays. Besides, 10 or 12 hours of voting time on Tuesday's should provide anyone ample time to vote. If the electorate are too lazy to vote, perhaps they're too lazy to enjoy the greatest country on earth

NFL Football Flyovers -- When did the NFL get so cozy with the Military? I'm sure it was a patriotic thing and had little to do with economics with the NFL. I think players and fans should stand, especially after a flyover. It's a minor issue that the US Army and Navy advertise during NFL football games on Sunday -- we need to keep our nation strong against foreign enemies. Those who don't stand for the anthem should maybe go to a less desirable country, like Denmark or France. And military parades are important too. If we're not bombing or invading a country, we need another avenue to show our might -- why not a military parade down Constitution avenue? I'm sure our Founding Fathers would have no issues with it? And the cost, find sponsors such as Coke, Nike, Under Armor to foot the bill. A win-win.

Satire, of course.


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