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Weak Sauce (Politics and Sports Version)

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

You want to view a 40-second video/audio news clip on the internet which is preceded by a 30-second commercial. Weak Sauce.

When reading, once you choose an article to read after scrolling down, once you go back to the home page, it always brings you back to the top of the site. For the record, even doesn't bring you back to the home page. Is this done by accident? I hardly think so. Weak Sauce.

I read an article on today written by Bradley Blakeman (COVID Vaccine Provs American Innovation Superiority Is Unending) who argued that the ingenuity of American's creativeness and inventions over the last 50 years. In the article, they mentioned how American companies developed a Covid-19 vaccine. Wait a moment, Moderna and Pfizer (and the German biotechology company BioNTech) developed different vaccines to address Covid-19. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Reading from a critical perspective, the German company helped developed the Pfizer vaccine so it's important to consider this statement by Blakeman as misinformation. Weak Sauce.

How can Trump continues to push their pro-life talking point and at the same time, earlier this year, they mislead the public by saying it was no worse than the seasonal flu and a virus which would just disappear once warmer weather appeared. Weak Sauce.

University of Florida's head coach complaining that Ohio State shouldn’t be part of the final 4 discussions as they’ve only played 5 games so far, 2 of their games were canceled outside of their control. Florida lost its 2nd game of the season, greatly helped by a personal foul penalty due to a gator player throwing an opponent s shoe which resulted in a 15-yard penalty which put their opponent in kicking a long field goal. Coach of Florida, you criticized OSU for playing fewer games instead of stating part of the big reason you lost pertain to an undisciplined play by a member of your defense. Weak sauce. provides an offer of $1 per week and states, the offer will end soon. Next week and the week after, they have another ad with different graphics and colors with the same offer including the statement, the offer will end soon. Same offer and yet it's stated, the offer will end soon. They're attempting to create a sense of urgency in the hopes of obtaining more subscribers and yet it's the same offer. Weak Sauce.

The Toronto Raptors organization is talking a good game by saying ‘We the North’ but perhaps Torontonians are geographically challenged if they don't consider the Minnesota Timberwolves are farther north than they are. Include Seattle in this scenario once an NBA franchise is established in the Emerald City (filled with greenery all year round). Due to COVID-19. The Raptors will play their season in Tampa at the Amelie Arena and if my geography is correct, isn’t anywhere near ‘The North’ so hang on Toronto, you are only among the most northern cities, but you don't have a monopoly on this claim.

One of the other college football comments, last week, the Florida Gators lost to LSU in 'The Swamp' (favored by 23) and only dropped one position from 5 to 6. Mind you, it's the SEC and perhaps other things are going on here. Weak Sauce.

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