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To Defeat Trump in 2020, It’s the Independents Stupid!

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Democrats are often their own worst enemy. They may promise many things but fail to deliver on policies to help independents and working class folks who don't trust either party. The gist of this article is to provide sensible, pragmatic policies and ideas to attract those independent voters in a about 8 swing states. In today's USA, radical policies is a losing strategy but instead, the best approach may be a center-left road map that a majority of the electorate can relate to. Know what you stand for and sell it over and over to the American people (Americans love to buy stuff after being sold to).

Do consolidate as a Democratic party and focus on center left positions. Focus on the prize and not winning a social media argument.

Don’t mention the unfairness of the Electoral College. Many educated folks realize it’s archaic and unfair, but would take a herculean effort to change. With the state of the Republicans being lockstep with DJT, focus on something you can possibly change.

Don’t promote free health care for illegal immigrants, it’s a losing argument. Realize many poorer and working class Americans are struggling with health care costs so don't be so carefree with promoting this idea.

Don’t talk about slavery reparations. I know Democrats salivate about gaining a large percentage of the African-American vote but to independent voters, this is a losing policy.

Do tone down the rhetoric regarding identity politics as many independent voters are turned off by this. Instead, focus on economic policies where many Americans are still struggling economically regardless of the historic low unemployment.

Do occasionally talk about the UN World Happiness Report. This report ranked Americans number 15 between 2012 and 2014 and between 2016 and 2018, it dropped to 19 world wide. Stock market a record highs don't always translate into happiness among Americans. We Americans need to sometimes be reminded of this phenomenon.

Do eliminate as much as possible getting into a Twitter battle with DJT, you know, when you wrestle a pig, you’re going to get dirty. Besides, DJT is in his element here so from the beginning, he has an competitive advantage before the wrestling begins.

Do have 3 or 4 critical policies Americans really care about and have short bullet points on how to accomplish each policy. Americans have a short attention span so to reach them early and often, continue to repeat these policies so it resonates with more of the electorate. And remember, sound bites!

Don’t as a Democratic Presidential candidates or Democratic member of Congress spend too much time trying to parse the difference between economic versus asylum immigration. It’s nuanced and tricky to outline the differences and as experience has shown me, many of the electorate don't do well with nuance.

Don’t pull a ‘Hillary Clinton’ during the 2020 election campaign and talk about rural or uneducated folks as ‘deplorable.’ There’s certainly that temptation based on how 40 percent of the electorate loves DJT regardless of what he says or does. Don’t give DJT or Republican strategist’s additional ammo for Presidential debates and election TV sound bites.

Don’t talk about taking away anyone’s health care without a plan. A better health care plan can be created and also allow individuals to keep their own plan. Steady and incremental improvement is what is needed to address our current health care system.

Do consider a new student debt program where some national service could help to reduce one’s debt. Incentive based where civil service work is an option to help alleviate student debt.

Don’t focus too much on gun control, especially after a mass shooting. It’s reactive and eventually the electorate loses focus rather quickly on this issue. If you truly believe in pragmatic gun control, lay it out in a simple and straightforward way independent of a mass shooting; and clearly state Democrats don't want to take away anyone’s guns.

Don’t argue with Republicans during a debate or through social media when called a socialist. But quickly pivot to those 3 or 4 policies that you think will help a large amount of Americans. Labels matter. Don’t try to explain the difference between a democratic socialist or social democrat and say you’re a person who cares about all Americans and demonstrate how your policies will do indeed do that.

Do dispel the myth that Democrats are for open borders. Do reiterate the idea that Democrats support a fair and economic immigration system. Central American economic immigrants shouldn’t get to go to the “head of the line” just because they are in close proximity to the USA. Those individuals in Asia or Eastern Europe who are trying to play by the rules and are in a queue should not have to wait longer for a green card because of those illegal immigrants who live close to the USA.

Do talk about helping to fund technical colleges as there are many opportunities in the trades to help rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

Don't mention the 'I' word. In other words, don't try to impeach DJT. In your mind, you think he deserves it but with all the GOP lock and step with him, it's not going anywhere. Besides, the GOP will then paint the party represented by the donkey (ass) as out of touch and the party of 'No.'

Don’t talk about free college, it’s a losing proposition. Voters in Ohio or Michigan who lack a university education and were displaced by globalism will not look too fondly on such a policy. Instead, focus on incentive based program where those students who go into engineering, science, technology, health care can have a large part of their education paid for if they work in these respective fields for at least 3 years after university graduation.

Do talk about subsiding green related jobs and how these well paying jobs will help to address climate change and at the same time, provide well paying jobs for the working class and rural folks. See technical colleges policy.

Do stop complaining about Hillary having 2.7 million more votes where she still lost the election in '16. In the forthcoming Presidential election, DJT may lose the popular vote by 5 million but still get reelected. Stop complaining about the EC structure and work creatively within this archaic system to do what it takes to win in ’20.

Do tell the moderate electorate and independents what they are going to get from your plan. Tell the working class how your policies will benefit them. Stop talking to the fringes about identity politics and be much more inclusive with your platform.


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