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The Eagles (Band) Fly Over The Packers On MNF

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

I’m inbound from Lake Forest to Chicago to see the Eagles on Monday night, October 15, 2018. As I glance out the dirty and scratched Metra window, I realize I’ll miss Monday Night Football. No big deal typically but with my Green Bay Packers playing at Lambeau, it’s a game I’d typically watch. No worries, I scored two inexpensive tickets that night, taking my daughter, Caroline, to see her first Eagles concert. No looking back.

So the trip to Chicago to see the Eagles for the night may include “Life in the Fast Lane” and I was hoping for “One of Those Nights” seeing the group for the first time since Glenn Frey’s passing.

As my daughter (a music fan) and I walked about the first concourse at the United Center looking for food and drink, her eyes and mouth wide open in disbelieve at the demographics of the concert. She may have been arguably the youngest attendee and felt like the “New Kid in Town” while being “In The City”.

Getting inexpensive tickets the day before the concert, I had that “Peaceful Easy Feeling” that I was doing the right thing.

Getting back to GB, I've always supported the Packers but opted to see the Eagles and “I Can’t Tell You Why”, just trusted my gut. Moreover, I had no “Heartache Tonight” choosing to see the live music versus the heavily commercialized MNF, the 49ers visiting Green Bay.

During the concert, I realized another Wisconsin team From Milwaukee (Brewers) was playing at the same time. The “Boys of Summer” surprisingly were still playing as the warm summer sun had given way to cool days and even cooler nights, autumn was definitely here.

One of my favorite Eagles’ musicians is Joe Walsh as we spent a lot of our viewing time watching his antics and unusual facial expressions. Throughout the concerts, she sometimes chuckled at the awkwardness of the iPhone usage with a more geriatric feel than she's used to as I smiled to myself and thought of, “Life’s Been Good” so far.

The concert was about 150 minutes long with a 25 song set (or so) as it started very slow with harmonies and acoustic guitars with some rockabilly as in the second half, it had a much more rock and roll feel. We both thoroughly enjoyed the event with special memories but felt it went as fast as a “NY Minute”. It kind of reminded me of how the Packers often execute their play during a full game.

Getting back to the Pack, some say the organization is wasting a chance to win another Super Bowl with a sloppy offense, inferior offensive play calling, too many penalties on special teams, special teams often not being special and a defense that doesn’t appear to consistently shut down their opponents. Regardless of the score, Aaron often mentions in the huddle to “Take It Easy” as I got this.

Some Packer fans feel our head coach will not help the team excel as he’s “Taken It To The Limit” with his teaching and coaching acumen. If he continues, some die-

hard fans may just “Walk Away” from their relentless loyalty. Moreover, there may be fans who are “Already Gone” with their loyalty and support.

With the mediocre success so far with GB, will the coach ultimately take the blame for only 1 Super Bowl appearance during Aaron Rodgers’ tenure, arguably a QB that belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of all-time greats? Will “Those Shoes” of Mike McCarthy may eventually be filled by a more progressive coach who is better at developing players?

As I left the concert and we boarded the CTA # 19 bus to the Ogilvie Train Station, I glanced at a TV at the Packers score, seeing Mr. Rodgers with another comeback in the final minute. I wondered “How Long” before the Packers have a good defense and special teams so the ultimate success of the green and gold doesn’t rely solely on the kid from Chico, CA.

In closing, I'll never move on from The Eagles. Having said that, if I ever move on from the Packers, I love the geography of Colorado so maybe root for the Denver Broncos and some may say that would be the “Rocky Mountain Way” as Joe has sung about in most of their concerts.

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