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Something Else to Worry About...

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Over the last several years, I met with physical and mental health providers, landscape architects, and other professionals about recommended ways of improving my health and physical surroundings. After some time, I could no longer track all these recommendations. To that end, I have compiled a list of suggestions and recommendations from these providers and professionals to help me live a better and healthier life.

I've enclosed many examples of my 'things I need to worry about' moving forward.

I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. Because it was mild, I was allowed to wear a mouthguard instead of a larger CPAP machine. Something else to worry about.

I see my dentist thrice yearly to help ensure good oral health. My dentist and dental hygienist will remind me to floss every day and brush twice daily. In addition, regular mouthwash is also strongly recommended. Something else to worry about.

Something else to worry abou

My urologist suggests that I drink lemon juice to help prevent kidney stones. I realize that sometimes I need to consume more liquid, and knowing lemon juice is healthy, I guess it's not a bad compromise. He also recommends moderate consumption of red meat, poultry, and seafood. Something else to worry about.

My primary care physician suggests I do cardio work at least five times weekly. I sometimes engage in cardio for 30 or 40 minutes, and I'm sore for a day or two. Not sure how I can sneak five cardio workouts in a given week. Something else to worry about.

My local Ace specialist has suggested that I get my lawn mower tuned up once a year. That includes replacing the spark plug, changing the oil, and sharpening the blade. Something else to worry about.

My HVAC specialist scolds me every time he visits to review the status of my furnace and air conditioner. He emphasizes replacing the furnace filter every three months and wants me to pour vinegar down the PVC pipe monthly to keep it clean. He's also constantly reminding me that I should get my air ducts cleaned annually. Something else to worry about.

My ophthalmologist wants me to wear a heated eye patch every day; this was suggested due to her examination of my eyes, particularly the right one. Something else to worry about.

My dermatologist has suggested several times that some of my moles may be due to not wearing sun protection as a youth. She suggests staying out of the sun or wearing sun protection. I typically chose the former. Something else to worry about.

My gastroenterologist recommends that I eat a high-fiber diet and avoid highly processed foods as much as possible. Something else to worry about.

Something else to worry abou

My plumber recommends that I replace my sump pump backup every five years. Something else to worry about.

My landscape architect suggests that to maintain a healthy lawn, I need to fertilize it four times a year. And don't forget about adding mulch and knowing when it's the most effective time to trim trees and shrubs. Something else to worry about.

My personal trainer suggests I do strength training at least twice weekly. She also suggested I stretch my legs, arms, and core at least five times weekly. Something else to worry about.

My contractor recommends that I use superior paint, such as Benjamin Moore when painting internal walls and ceilings. Something else to worry about.

If I have nerve issues or Parkinson's, my neurologist might suggest playing ping pong. Research has shown that this activity effectively improves daily living activities and motor symptoms of patients with Parkinson's disease. Something else to worry about.

I've been told in the past by my therapist to get involved in social activities as much as possible. This includes volunteering and being social as much as I can. I was also told to create a gratitude list, something I should refer to daily. Something else to worry about.

My podiatrist suggests foot inserts to help with lower leg pain and shin splints. He also recommends doing Achilles tendon stretching to improve your leg ability. Something else to worry about.

My nutritionist has suggested drinking pickle juice to help with my leg cramps. Stretching was also mentioned. Something else to worry about.

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1 comentário

19 de jul. de 2023

I had to laugh while reading this. The list of things we “need to do to stay healthy and happy“ seems to get longer as we get older. It applies to our homes too! Trying to balance everything is like jugging, especially when you include contractor work. It’s stressful and quite annoying. Great article!

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