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Rodgers-Green Bay Controversy isn't good for Packer fans

Updated: May 13, 2021

What was the relationship like between Favre and Rodgers during those first few years?

Remember Favre's memorable quote: "My contract doesn't say I have to get Aaron Rodgers ready to play. Now hopefully he watches me and gets something from that." Aaron has said publically that he’d never treat Jordan Love the way Favre treated him. The treatment from Favre appeared to rub Aaron the wrong way but he did what was necessary to get prepared to start for a long time for GB. Aaron has helped Jordan during his early career development. I don’t think Rodgers is mad at Jordan; he’s putting all his frustration towards Brian Gutekunst who selected Love in the first round because, at the time, the GM assumed that Aaron Rodgers was way past his prime. With a lack of certainty with how Jordan Love performs, there’s a lot of uncertainty on a successful 2021 campaign. Some leaked reports from players saying he doesn't have it but we don't know the full story.

I'll be captain obvious by claiming Rodgers' MVP season (third for Rodgers, like Favre), the GM is in a real tight spot. If Aaron decides to sit, without an average starter in '21, they'll win 8 games at best.

Was Favre liked more than Rodgers by Packer fans?

People love Brett Favre because he was down-to-earth and a gunslinger. He was someone a working-class person in Green Bay could identify with. There were dozens of examples of Brett frequenting bars and taverns around Green Bay. He’d be swapping stories with fans who were in the midst of their hero. a bar in Green Bay, fans just hung out and told stories.

Indeed, with social media, I don’t think Aaron could just hang in a bar and ‘chew the fat’ with other demonstrative Packers’ fans. I could see the nail in the coffin with his Green Bay social life when the establishment does not have a 25 year Macallan on hand. I don’t think Aaron is that type to mingle with fans, even after all these years in GB. One doesn’t know if there may be political, economic or religious between he and the fans. Perhaps being more private might be helpful to the Packer green and gold brand. He certainly has the social ability to do so but appears to hang with a select group of friends.

Packer fans loved Aaron’s accuracy and ability to put the ball into tight spaces but at the same time, the perception in GB is that Rodgers is pricklier and is less relatable. Football purists no question would opt for Rodgers, if you’re selling ads on Madison Avenue, Favre is your man! You see Aaron among celebs golfing at Lake Tahoe or attending the Kentucky Derby with friends and ex-teammates. Essentially over the last 30 years, Packer’s two all-star quarterbacks have two completely different mentalities.

Managers are a dozen a dime. Franchise Super Bowl quarterbacks are rare. Power doesn't preclude communications, what happened here is too similar to shut up and play. 

Was Rodgers mad that over the fact that over the last 10 years, the Packers have used their #1 pick on a defensive player except for the Jordan Love pick in 2020?

From what I’ve heard and read about Aaron Rodgers, he wasn’t someone who wanted to be involved in all personnel decisions, he may have felt a lack of love and respect from Brian Gutekunst. He just wanted to be in the ‘know’ especially if it directly affected him. In a roundabout way, Gutekunst did indeed fail Rodgers and the entire organization. The failure wasn’t by drafting Jordan Love and inadvertently created a chasm between him and Rodgers. The failure came by not being very successful in drafting and developing lineman, linebackers, and the secondary unit to be formable. Even if the drafts appear successful at first glance, good coaches know to get the best out of a player and put them in the best area to succeed. During many of Rodgers’ years, fortunately, or unfortunately was asked to launch a comeback after his defense had given up another touchdown.

If I had to guess, Rodgers doesn’t mind having the ball when down by 4 points with 70 seconds to go. It’s got to be an adrenaline rush to know you have the power with your legs or arm to win the game in the waning seconds. Having said that, a good solid policy would include several security layers of support, so, your all-star quarterback is just the last security layer. Your second security layer would include a defense that consistently good, and one that can stop opponents in critical situations. If I can have both, my club would be unstoppable.

Is it true that Rodgers's relationship with the Packers’ GM turn frosty after Jordan Love was drafted in the first round?

There are a lot of tea leaves unturned. Number 12 was upset by finding out through social media that the Packers drafted a QB in the first round in 2020. He could not be pleased; he was especially disappointed that the GM, Brian Gutekunst, didn’t give him a “head’s up” regarding the direction they were going. That’s part of it, I don’t think Aaron was happy that the Packers released Jordy Nelson a few years ago as the QB thought Jordy still had something left to give to the Packers. To be fair, Rodgers doesn’t know all the financials about Nelson being released

A receiver from Wisconsin-Whitewater, Jake Kumorow, was released by the Packers at the time Rodgers saw tremendous talent in him. Aaron may have been thinking that if they’re not going to draft a receiver with a high pick, then at least I can work towards developing those who show promise. You also have to include the Packers firing their quarterback coach, Alex Van Pelt, Aaron publically mentioned that was done unbeknownst to him. I suspect there are many touchpoints in an organization. I also suspect that different individuals have different roles and responsibilities. In a professional football organization, even if Gutekunst yielded to someone in his office who could establish an amicable relationship with Rodgers. A relationship that would grow and ensure the critical team players are more respected by being kept in the loop on critical personnel decisions.

Why is Terry Bradshaw so fired up about Aaron Rodgers?

The day that Terry Bradshaw shies away from controversy is the day ‘hot takes’ are no longer in vogue. I heard Terry on several shows and interviews and let me tell you, he doesn’t have nuance in his body but I hope that is all for show. The former Pittsburgh Steeler is upset that Aaron Rodgers is unwilling to honor his contract the way players honored contracts back in the day. I may not agree with how Aaron may handle his current contract with the Packers but I do subscribe to the idea that today’s players are much more empowered. Throw in last year’s MVP and number 12 may have some leverage. Anyway, we’re living in different times, for someone to compare my 70s era to today’s football era is idiocy at the least.

During another interview on Fox Sports Radio, Mr. Bradshaw began tearing into Aaron for having lousy footwork. He throws off his back foot too much or he’s not always set when he throws is not even relevant to the conversation? For the 2020-21 season, Aaron threw for 48 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. In fact, over the last 3 seasons, he’s had 11 interceptions and 99 touchdowns. I said, “Terry, with all due respect, and the ‘get off my lawn guy’ go hang out with Brett and keep him company in Kiln. Not to pile on, but Terry Bradshaw has thrown 212 touchdowns in his career and 210 interceptions. His overall passer rating was 70.9. Rodgers could play another 10 years and still not have Terry’s interception numbers.

Some in the media think Aaron hates it when the Packers draft defensive players?

If you draft 60% for defense over the years, one may wonder if Aaron became frustrated at that imbalance. What’s more frustrating is the issue over the last 5 years where highly drafted defensive players don’t meet expectations. Is that a draft issue? Or a coaching concern where some coaches will need to turn much raw talent into a true asset on defense.

They’re suggesting that Rodgers is upset with the lack of offensive weapons. They certainly could use another star receiver but that’s not the side of the ball he and the team should be concerned about. I’d postulate that not only drafting well but developing players on the defensive side could be a glaring hole in their team. A good defense, one that can stop its opponent in critical times of the game, is one of the best offensive strategies to have. Why should your team be structured to always rely on your offense to win the game? It’s a dangerous game to play.

Did Andrew Brandt, a former Packers executive say about the Packers’ personnel department?

Brandt, who now contributes to Sports Illustrated, had hinted that the Packers personnel department lacks a strong emotional intelligence and perhaps the front office inadvertently neglected its relationship with Rodgers. It doesn’t have to be ideal but a QB that has been with the same organization for 16 years should at the least, cordial and warm interactions with the front office. Who knows what that relationship was like? Stuff like that may require rigorous research and patience to get an inside peek.

Some in the media are suggesting that Aaron Rodgers was done as a superstar quarterback after the 2019 season, would you agree?

It’s easy in the media to ‘cherry pick’ Aaron Rodgers’ career. Many claims in the media claimed that Aaron was done after the two seasons of ’18 and ‘19; he threw 25 and 26 touchdowns respectfully. They don’t mention he threw only 6 interceptions for those 2 seasons, threw for over 8,000 yards, and rushed for 452 yards in those two campaigns. These same media people don’t include the RTG or QBR for those seasons so I say to the writer, “Were you trying to convince the reader that Rodgers was over the hill even without adding more data to the argument? We need more complete information to help it appear in the right context.”

Isn’t it true that Aaron has issues with Packer management?

Look, it’s everywhere in the print medium that number 12 does not like the Packer’s GM, Brian Gutekunst. Let’s get that out of the way. Regarding Mark Murphy, the team President, a strong relationship bond may not have been achieved. When it comes to Matt LaFleur, the Packer’s head coach, both Aaron have a good working relationship. They both grew together in ’19 when Matt was a rookie head coach and it took some time but they grew the relationship to a point where they completely understood where each of them stood. With a good relationship, they got to talk candidly about redesigning the Packer offense in a creative and effective approach. Indeed, Matt and Aaron are only several years apart in age and have been around football for nearly 25 years so they had plenty to help create a strong team.

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