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The New Presidential Alert System May Show A New & Contrite Trump

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Message received yesterday on my mobile device:

Just so you are aware, a new United States security cell phone alert system will be tested today at approximately 1:15 p.m. CDT. The alert will be sent at that time to nearly every American’s cell phone stating, “THIS IS A TEST.”

The message is scheduled to be the first trial of the “Presidential Alert” system, a new way to notify Americans across the country if there is a national emergency. Unlike other alerts you may receive, people with cellphones cannot opt out of this message system. Under normal circumstances, the “Presidential Alert,” would state the type of emergency, and advisory directions would follow.

This got me thinking. Perhaps our POTUS is turning over a new leaf for all the world to see, especially his electorate. Perhaps he’s willing to admit the thousands of lies he’s made over the last 20 months. Perhaps this “Presidential alert” will be a cathartic moment by Mr. Trump to carefully and methodically uncover the true man who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

This new alert system may squelch his habit of tweeting late in the night after watching Fox News. Perhaps turning over a new leaf means he’ll regularly sit down with other media companies and have a frank and honest approach on what he’s just recently announced through this cell phone alert system.

If so, here are some of the things he might alert mobile device users about in the US in the coming months.

He may announce that he’ll release his tax returns for the last 20 years so we can better understand his past business dealings and the amount of taxes he paid.

He may announce that he’s a bully, narcissistic, and often mean while preaching to his base. Apologies to women, disabled and minorities will be forthcoming.

Will he announce that indeed his dad didn’t loan him $1 million, rather about 400 million? Mr. Trump may have a news conference and admit he’s really not much of an entrepreneur or successful businessman. Not only did he commit fraud but he is one.

He may announce that all that birther rancor a few years ago about Obama not being from the States was just overt racism. Indeed, realizing his guilty conscience means he may invite President Obama over to the White House and apologize in person like people of high character would do.

It’s possible he’ll announce that he’s not good at marriage as he’s on his 3 wife and the way things are going with the First Lady, it’s only a matter of time before she files for divorce. He’ll begin mental health therapy to take his first attempt at psychological introspection to better understand his narcissistic personality so he can become a better person overall.

He may announce that he’s in cahoots with the Russians? That Putin is really not his friend but the admiration for the Russian dictator has to do with his money laundering activity, otherwise, these illegal business dealings just might be leaked by the Russian mob.

He may announce that nominating Kavanaugh has everything to do with his future pardon after he’s indicted. Admitting the Kavanaugh nomination doesn’t have to deal with overthrowing “Roe vs Wade” to appease the Evangelicals but it’s all about me escaping responsibility once the investigation is complete.

It’s possible he’ll announce he’s a fraud and carnal barker and sometimes has mental health challenges and for the general welfare of the US, resign.

He may indeed apologize to our true allies, Canada, Europe and Japan and embarrassing admit that kowtowing to Russia was a “smoke screen” to hide some of his shady business dealing with Russia prior to being elected.

He may announce that he continues to have campaign rallies in red areas because he loves the adulation and isn’t very good at the policy science stuff.

He may announce that a labor dispute was settled in 1998 (for $1 million) due to 200 undocumented Polish workers employed by Trump were paid (at the time) half the union wage, if they got paid at all? He'll admit that was no way to pay honest and hardworking laborers.

Will he announce that the only illegals he wants to reside in our country will be foreign guest works to cook and clean at his private club in Palm Beach (Mar-a-Lago)? He might admit “It’s all about me and my financial best interests even though as president, I should represent all Americans.”

Not sure how many of these things will come to pass but there's always hope although with our current POTUS, hope is a tenuous thing.


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