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Nice Touches at the Maui Regency Hyatt Resort and Spa

We ordered the 9-day resort stay through Costco Travel, and a $300 resort credit was included in the purchase. We liked the idea that the resort credits could apply drinks and food on the pool deck but also these credits could be used by many of the other resort services provided. Happy hour on the pool deck near the time-share building commenced at 4 and ran until 5:30 pm. A peculiar happy hour time but we adjusted well. By happenstance, we arrived several days after 3 pm, not realizing that happy hour was around the corner but at that time, the pool deck emptied out. In our minds, this switch provided us with a little more legroom. We typically ordered the Maui Big Swell IPA or diet Pepsi, for food, we typically selected the cheese or spinach and Cheese Quesadilla. Typically enough food and drink to hold us over until the late dinner.

The grounds were pleasant and well maintained.

The Costco purchase also included free breakfast. It was buffet-style designed as guests were served by buffet attendants. The service was quite good and there was enough variety to appear to appease most guests. By staying 9 days, my wife and I determined which eggs, omelets, meat, and fruit to choose. For example, if the veggie omelets were cold and had a little flavor or the fresh strawberries lacked taste, we’d decide as a couple to avoid those foods moving forward.

During the middle of our 9-day stay and without a room key and running late, the bell attendant went out of her way to get us a new room key. All the other customer lines were backed up and she quickly diverted from her work to get an extra key. Because of going above and beyond in her position, I felt it was necessary to mention.

We were surprised to hear that housekeeping had a different approach at the resort. If you opt-out of housekeeping for a given day, you earn $10 in resort credit. The dollar amount might be a little paltry considering the daily resort expense but my focus is the option it gives the guest – often you only need your room made up every 3 days or so. I'd rather not see housekeeping every day. We're grown adults, we will not create a disaster room situation. The only quip I have about this and not learning about it until a few days after the start of our stay.

Check-out towel stations throughout the resort. With one valid room key, you could receive several towels for the pool area. Because these kiosks were distributed to various hotel locations, getting a laundered towel was never far away.

While in Maui, we rented a Jeep Compass so while staying for 9 days at the Hyatt, what do we do with our rental car? According to their website, there is a $40 charge for valet and $25 for self-park, so we choose the less expensive option. There was never an issue with finding a space in this lot and it was still fairly close to the back of the resort. Some resorts don’t provide this option so I was appreciative of having a choice when it came to parking my borrowed car at the resort. Besides, the beautiful weather made the hike back to our room just a little more enjoyable. Besides, we were counting our steps for health purposes so a few extra could make your day.

On the day before our departure, we asked the front desk for a later departure time as our flight back to Chicago wasn’t until 6 pm local time. They couldn’t make any promises at the time but on the final day, we were able to leave at 1 pm, ensuring our travel back home was smoother and more convenient. I was appreciative of the fact that even though they couldn’t commit to this, they would try to do what they could to make us guests happy about departure time.

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