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Interesting or Funny Photos

Read The Small Print, You Can Save 10 Cents If Opt For The Sale Price. I'm Not "Nuts" About The Offer.

That's One Chill Dog!

They Made Their Point At A Van Gogh Showing.

Finding This Bench Would Guarantee Winning the 'License Plate Game.'

Compliments Of Deutsche Bahn (German Rail System). Quite The Complexity.

It Looks Junky But Eventually (I Hope) These Items Are Recycled.

Sifting Through A Half Bag Of Commercial Dirt Should Bring Much Better Results.
One Option For Smokers At The Stockholm Airport.
The Direct Translation Of Raucher Zelle Is Smoking Cell. Yikes! Interesting Design.
This Would Never Be Designed That Way In Florida, Too Little Shade. Bocce Section At A Park in Glenview, Illinois. It Might Be Properly Shaded In 20-25 Years.
It's Not Only Wet, But There's Broken Glass Not Being Attended To.
Only In Hawaii (Kauai). As You May Know, Surf Boards Are Everywhere In Hawaii.


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