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Happy Family Time In The Infiniti SUV

So I'm sitting at home with my wife watching CNN on a Friday night when a commercial appears displaying the beauty of an Infiniti motor vehicle. You may have seen it, the entire family of 7 piles into an Infiniti SUV on their way to see the daughter's dance recital. The dad and mom (I'll call Mr. & Mrs. I) are in the front seat and the rest of the family take their designated seats in the second and third rows of this luxury SUV. Perhaps the leather interior and roomy SUV has a calming affect on the I children – whatever they're on, I'd say it's working.

This commercial is cute and catchy at least the first few times, a good looking I family and so supportive to the point where no family members complain about having to spend a beautiful afternoon at a dance recital.

What a way to start your afternoon with your prize possessions in your prized possession? The attractive and wealthy Mrs. I smiling perfectly as her handsome, intelligent looking Mr. I with a full head of salt and pepper hair backs his luxurious vehicle out the driveway. He's so smart and alert as he backs out of his suburban driveway, he stops the vehicle after noticing a child and dad going by on the sidewalk. Is it because of the "See the Invisible" feature on this new SUV or because he's the ubermensch of the I family?

It's amazing on the way to the event, none of these kids are demanding mom tune in the radio to their favorite station. The children are happy and content and are in the moment – ready to support their sister with her dance activities. I'd give much to have all of my children support one another in each other's hobbies. It's interesting that in today's world, many of the kids would be listening to music through their iPads or smart phones but not with this family. Perhaps these special kids value family time more than selfishly doing their own thing when in the car.

I'd love that fact that an entire family could leave for this event without requiring a “pit stop” by any of the children or Mrs. I. How is that possible? The tickets were placed in mom's purse so no worries about having to make an additional trip back home to them. During this propaganda commercial, it does not appear like anyone was eating or drinking on the way to the recital. Perhaps healthy and satisfying food is served in the I home and the vehicle is so comfortable and content that these children don't feel the need to eat or drink once they touch such luxury.

Perhaps one of the best advantages of driving this luxurious vehicle is the prime choice of parking. Mr. I was able to park right in front of the facility for easy access for his entire family. In fact, all other dance attendees left the street free so he didn't have any issues finding the ideal spot to mitigate any minor inconveniences for this special family. Perhaps the dance facility has a rule that only Infiniti SUVs receive special and preferential treatment.

This commercial is not exactly how my family operated while growing up but still, if I have another life, I want to come back as part of that happy and content family. Loving and supporting one another in all facets of life. No issues, no strife, no antagonism, no stress, no teenage angst, all smiling in unison in a luxurious vehicle, The Infiniti Way. How could such a phenomenal family not give me endless happiness and joy?


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