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Do Republicans Have a Serious Taylor Swift Problem?

Today, while reading Microsoft Start news articles, I stumbled across an article written by Derek Hunter, an opinion contributor. It appeared to me that the author was suggesting with Taylor's popularity, who she endorsed might sway the election in that direction.

Mr. Hunter provides a good article about the value of having Ms. Swift on your side, especially considering that the polls show that this upcoming election will be very close. Once completed, I went to the comments to see what those on both sides of the aisle were saying about such a possibility. Because the conservative comments were a little more noteworthy and sometimes extreme, I decided to focus on these. Reader's comments are listed first, and then include my commentary on their comments.

Please read below, and you can be the judge.

Lets be honest here, if Taylor Swift has any significant sway in a Presidential Election, then our country is in major trouble.  Why would a Pop Star/entertainer millionaires opinion mean anything to a Presidential Election.  Taylor lives in her own little world of unbridled success. She has no clue what the average American is going through.

According to CNN, Swift stunned the tour’s trucking staff by giving each trucker a check for $100,000 during the current tour. In addition, Taylor has supported the following charities, ACM Lifting Lives, ALS Association, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Cancer Research Institute, Children in Need, Clothes Off Our Back, and others. She also gave $100,000 to the Red Cross to help victims of the Iowa flood in 2008. In 2016, she pledged 1 million to Louisiana flood relief after torrential rains caused massive flooding, and in March of '20, she donated $1 to Nashville tornado relief efforts. To summarize, Taylor may indeed not have a clause about what the average American is going through, but through her charities and charitable contributions, in her own way, she's trying to make a difference.

I would suspect most Swift fans are below voting age, so I do not see the problem as drastic as the dems make it out to be.

Indeed, there are many of her fans who are between the ages of 13 and 17 so they are not qualified to vote. But what about those 17 who will become 18 before the election? What about those other millions of fans between the ages of 18 and 40 (and beyond)? They don't account for much. Let's be honest: if Ms. Swift endorses someone for president, it may significantly impact the election.

The Taylor and Travis "Love affair" is just a PR stunt by the NFL.  They would do anything to bring in viewers that at any other time would have nothing to do with football.  Swift fans follow her in rabid droves, not a fan of her music and certainly not her political beliefs. Anything she supports politically will never affect her in her own little bubble of life; she has people who handle the ick the rest of us have to deal with on a daily basis. Believe it or not this is a coordinated effort on both the NFL and the Swift camp to have sway with game coverage.  Also the NFL is not a registered sports entity, but an entertainment entity.  They are being entertaining, so if you really want sports you better go somewhere else as this isn't going away.
Taylor Swift

I hardly doubt that the NFL had anything to do with the fact that Taylor started appearing on TV during the past NFL season. That's ridiculous to say. However, now that her romance with Travis Kelce is getting serious, it's not a surprise that when she attends a game, TV producers have no issue showing her several times during the game.

Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL, said days ago that they certainly don't have the expertise to coordinate such an endeavor.

The democrats wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on conspiracy theories against Trump. did not slow them down at all. Their slogan should be Spend & Waste. Want to stop Swift's political opinion? Remind the kids that she is worth 100s of millions of dollars and she's telling them to give their money to the government while sitting on hers. Kids aren't as dumb as people think. 

So, Democrats wasted hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on conspiracy theories against Trump. If that's the case, then when a prosecutor has strictly conspiratorial evidence, the judge would throw that case out of court. The fact that there's vital evidence that Trump broke the law should make "45" and his supporters more than a little nervous. I suspect the goal of these prosecutors against Trump is not merely to spend and waste money. Time will tell how this will all play out.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly "They're elevating her to an idol. Idolatry. This is a little bit of what idolatry, I think, looks like and you're not supposed to do that. In fact, if you look it up in the bible, it's a sin."  

Is this not like the pot calling the kettle black? Did Mr. Kelly indeed say this with a straight face? Leading up to the 2016 election, what did conservative broadcasts do when covering Donald Trump? Did they ever question how Trump's supporters idolize the former president? If it's a sin for Swift, then it's a sin for Trump.

Taylor Swift is a 34 year old singer with a high school education. That's it. If "young voters" listen to her for who to vote for, it speaks volumes on their intelligence level. They would be placing themselves firmly in the ranks of the idiocracy.
National Football League

So this commentator suggests that Taylor is not too educated because she only has a high school education. Shame on you. There are a lot of educated people who haven't gone on to college. It's a stereotype to think this way. In addition, Taylor has made some astute business deals over the years. With her travel and business experience and media performances, one could easily say she's gotten a very good education through other means.

Dems on social media feel that Taylor getting the youth to vote will push the election to Biden. i wouldn't rush to judgement on this. i believe that the new registered voters will  be smart enough to realize the problems that Biden has created and don't desire to live through 4 more years of high inflation, low paying jobs, crime, woke schools, and a mumbling bumbling president

Inflation is coming down after several years of high inflation. Biden can be partially blamed for some of his policies early in his administration. It's without a doubt that with his American Rescue Plan, to help the nation out of a economic slowdown, has contributed to some inflation. Some people can't look beyond the US regarding inflation but should realize many other industrialized countries had inflation challenges after COVID-19. Regarding low-paying jobs, one could also point to corporations who try to keep their costs down by looking for the cheapest labor and are unconcerned about the impact on US citizens. Some corporations have taken advantage of inflation not to lower their prices after their costs have been reduced. Pinning crime strictly on Biden is disingenuous. State governors and local politicians have much more control. Some of the increase in crime since COVID-19 can be attributed to adapting to life after this pandemic. However, in 2023, serious crime in the country has decreased.

Football fans want to see football, not an image of TS, every time TK gets the football.  Don't blame that on Republicans.

From my experience, they don't automatically show Taylor every time Kelce catches the ball. In fact, during a recent game, they showed Taylor Swift for a total of 28 seconds during a game that lasted over three hours. I've spoken to a handful of football fans who are not bothered at all by Taylor being shown sometimes during the game. It's not that big of a deal, and I can't understand why many people are upset about this. If you want to be upset about the viewing experience, what about when networks advertise during a huddle during the game? Or when networks quickly go to a commercial after an injury on the gridiron? Or the fact that there are too many commercial stoppages during a game. These appear to be much more annoying than seeing Ms. Swift occasionally.

Why should she endorse either and alienate 50% of her fans.

Most of her fans are under the age of 40. Recently, younger people are more liberal than white men and women over the age of 70 who historically vote Republican. If she were to endorse Biden, I hardly doubt that she's alienating 50% of her fans...

Sorry but Taylor does not get it.  she has no struggles financially, has no real education on world affairs, other than can 80,000 teeny boppers afford her overpriced tickets.  She has no understanding of the treats to America.  she should have been a blond.  sorry.

One, it's not just teenagers that attend her concerts. Two, one doesn't know what kind of education she receives while traveling worldwide. Being quite bright, she may sometimes be a sponge for seeing things differently, which isn't always negative. Three, her last two sentences make no sense, so I'll quit here.

Name one person Swift endorsed that has won. One....

Swift endorsed Phil Bredesen in the Tennessee Senate race, and he lost to Marsha Blackburn by 11 points. Just to be clear, Tennessee is a very conservative state, and Blackburn was the incumbent. Swift endorsed Biden in '20, although it's pretty challenging to quantify her impact. Regardless, if she were to be more forceful in her endorsement of Biden in '24, the impact could be much more significant.

If people vote in the election based on Taylor Swifts opinion they should be banned from voting ever again and exported to Canada or Mexico!!!

I'd rather have more Americans vote, regardless of their candidate. Isn't that what most Americans who believe in democracy really want? She's endorsed several candidates in the past, but she's also trying to get people more interested in politics and trying to motivate them, at the very least, to vote.

She could barley get 35,000 voters registered with her last endorsement of Biden. Out of 300 million followers that is pathetic. Nobody cares what Swift thinks about politics. Nobody cares what any celebrity thinks about politics.

I personally don't overthink when celebrities endorse candidates, but perhaps I'm an anomaly. However, to say "Nobody cares what Swift thinks about politics" is hyperbole and is just wrong. She could reach many younger people, not just about her choice but the reasons behind her choice. BTW, 'barley' should be spelled 'barely.'

Just ask Hillary how well courting pop culture work for her in 2016. Concerts with, Boyonce, Katy Perry and Bon Jovi just to name a few.

Besides misspelling Beyonce, let me take a crack at this one. Hillary ran a poor campaign, and at one point, she was caught on a "hot" mike that half the country is deplorable. That was a terrible thing to say. She also didn't campaign as vigorously in those swing states, think Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. I believe she would have made a good president, but unfortunately, she was a poor campaigner. Having said that, the reason she lost (even though she won the popular vote) had nothing to do with those celebrities who endorsed her.


This week, Fox News got into the Climate Change discussion by claiming that Taylor does more harm to the environment than almost anyone. It's nice to see that Fox News is concerned about our changing climate. However, it appears to be that they only did this to enhance their argument, as it's very uncommon for Fox to ever talk honestly about climate change. And when they do, it's typically to ridicule Al Gore or other environmental activists when the weather is cooler than usual (when it should be warm) or when it's colder than normal.

So I ask again, "Do Republicans Have a Serious Taylor Swift Problem?"

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