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Dear Mr. President,

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

I know you’re running again for President in 2024, and your age is a liability to many of our electorate, but I have some suggestions for you. Please realize this is meant to improve your reelection chances and address some critical issues you’ve not yet been able to accomplish. I intend no offense regarding my suggestions. Being 80 now and 81 next year, during the last year of your first term, by some, your age is considered a liability. Therefore, you must take an objective and serious look at your running mate. With all my positive energy, I hope you’re reelected and survive the completion of your second term. However, we must call out the elephant in the room that your running mate is a heartbeat away from being sworn in as Commander in Chief. Besides this issue, I've included several other suggestions to improve your chances in '24.

ONE. Dump Kamala Harris. She’s a liability. She has poor public speaking skills, and what has she accomplished as vice president? I sense she's a drag on the ticket. Just because she was a U.S. Senator and Attorney General doesn’t necessarily prepare her for the job as VP. I know that presidents typically don’t give the vice president many essential tasks, but I think she’s just not done much as a VP.

Dear Mr. President, I think you did her a disservice by appointing her the US-Mexico border wall czar. With such a complicated issue, this role was not something a newly elected VP could accomplish quickly. Let’s also realize she wasn’t as effective as California’s Attorney General. After reading feedback from progressive California residents over the last several months, most of these residents felt she wasn’t as effective as their AG. That feedback alone should make you seriously consider replacing her as VP. In this arena, I don’t think she has the political aptitude. Yes, she shows her personality and charm on certain late-night talk shows, but how's that skill helping your administration? With her law background, you may want to consider appointing her to be your Attorney General during your second term.

According to Wikipedia, "Harris's term in office has seen high staff turnovers that included the departures of her chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, press secretary, deputy press secretary, communications director, and chief speechwriter." She has been in office for over two years, which may help disqualify her from running again with you in 2024.

Dear Mr. President

TWO. Dear Mr. President, please replace Ms. Harris with Gretchen Whitmer, the current Governor from Michigan. She’s tough and decisive, and as a governor, she has much more administrative experience than Ms. Harris. That move would bring a lot of fresh energy and ideas to the Democratic ticket. Besides, she may help persuade those voters in the Midwest swing states to select your choice. I know some African Americans may object to this choice, but after reading a lot of input from well-informed Democratic individuals, writers, and consultants, having Gretchen would bring more excitement to your ticket in 2024.

THREE. Sell your accomplishments through simple sound bites. As you’re aware, generally, Democrats aren’t very good at bragging about their accomplishments. Don’t get too complicated to sell your achievements and plans for the next four years. KISS (keep it simple stupid), no one ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Use bullet points that are easy to understand and sound bites, too, when talking with the American public. Also, remind voters that two U.S. Senators who were Democrats didn’t regularly caucus with the Democrats -- that certainly hampered your legislative agenda. Also, talk about the stubbornness with the U.S. House, which is currently run by the Republicans – where most Republicans love their party more than they love the United States. Did I mention that you should sell your accomplishments in less than 30 seconds? Sell, sell, sell.

FOUR. Mr. President, stop talking about common sense gun regulation only after another mass shooting in the United States. It seems disingenuous and hollow. Instead, talk about it every week. Please keep it simple, but discuss a few regulations that will make our country safer. If you have to, reinforce the point that we’re not trying to take your guns away; we want guns regulated like driving an automobile. You’ll need a license to own a weapon; training is mandatory, perhaps every five years and insurance is required. Push back on the NRA by saying gun owners must be responsible – their rights come with responsibility – just like owning and driving a car. As I mentioned, repeat this weekly or at least often, and do it in simple sound bites. Speak to all Americans on this topic, not just the overwhelming majority who want sensible gun control legislation.

FIVE. Don’t give up on the student loan issue. I know those students perhaps made a mistake borrowing so much money for their education, and some Americans think we shouldn’t let them off the hook, but let’s be reasonable. These students thought they could get a good job after graduation and pay off the loans quickly. Were they also aware that they couldn’t default on the loans like other loans where a borrower could declare bankruptcy? Even if it’s a compromise, I’d recommend a much lower interest rate or none at all, especially for those in a lower income bracket. Paying off their loans without interest would still force them to be responsible but not put them in a position where it could take years and years to repay their debts.

Dear Mr. President

SIX. I appreciate you're allowing U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to do his job, but at some point, there has to be an arrest warrant for Donald J Trump. Let’s face the facts, why wasn’t the special investigator appointed sooner than late last year? It’s been close to 30 months since those individuals stormed the capital, and there hasn’t been any arrest warrant for Trump. To get going, Mr. President, you must light a fire under Merrick Garland. In my opinion, the arrest warrant must be issued to DJT in the next 3 to 4 months by the end of the summer; otherwise, what’s the point? Regardless of an indictment of Trump, it's time for a change, so therefore, I’d recommend replacing him with Kamala Harris. Having been the Attorney General in California, I feel she’s more qualified for that position than VP.

SEVEN. Immigration, I don't know what to believe about our southern border as I hear and read conflicting accounts. Why haven't you created an effective immigration policy, a policy that addresses skilled and unskilled potential immigrants? I need you to do this for two reasons: one, the Republicans are hammering you on this issue; two, this indeed is a crisis that needs a comprehensive plan. If you have already addressed this issue, why has this not been publicized or discussed? As I mentioned earlier, any accomplishments made by your administration need to be sold to the American electorate.

Dear Mr. President, I have other suggestions, but I realize you have a very busy schedule with only the most critical issues and problems that arrive at your desk. I appreciate you listening to my suggestions moving forward. I’m writing as someone who cares much more about the future of America than any given political party. Keep up the good work, and remember, Americans have a short attention span, so keeping it simple in short sound bites will help most Americans realize you’re up for the job for another four years.


Kevin Schwarm

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