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Contrarian or Interesting Photos - Part I

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

How many parking spots can one pickup truck block at one time? That may be 4 at final count.

A Chicago driver is not taking any chances with their rear bumper. But wait, it's Chicago so don't be surprised if someone steals your noodles.

Bananas, Chips and Tampons and Tampons and Tampons. I won't ask anymore questions.

Hey Duracell, you sell your A, AA, AAA and 9V batteries in this large package but don't provide a hook? Having a hook would allow consumers to hang these in the garage or work bench area for easy access.

Couldn't technology somehow turn off this "Open sign" once all the other lights go out?

Please tell me these officers are not real law enforcement officials!

One shopper has almost perfectly placed their card in the middle of the aisle preventing other carts from getting through and is no where to be seen. Job well done shopper.

Perhaps I too anal but I don't find my edible arrangements as appetizing if delivered by a very dirty delivery truck. But that's just me!

He's bypassed the typical approach and is leaning on technology to get his message across.

A middle-aged lady driving a sports car (with a hanging disability sign) zooms into this space and jumps out of the car and walks to the nail salon. After reviewing this photo later, I noticed the letters I had captured above the adjacent business. Apropos?


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