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Brief Quiz about Mary Trump's Analysis of Her Uncle

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Unless you have been living under a rock these last few weeks or totally consumed by Covid-19, you've heard the news recently that Mary Trump (Donald Trump's niece) will publish her book around mid-July called, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man."

Mary, a clinical psychologist, is the child of Fred Trump Jr. and Linda Lee Clapp who spent some of her formative years at the Trump mansion in Queens as a child. Mary's father, Fred Jr. died at age 42 of a heart attack due to alcoholism while she was 16. Due to her exposure to her extended family and her educational background, in her forthcoming book, Mary appears to provide much insight and perspective on Donald J. Trump, her uncle.

The book will be published on July 14. However, many news organizations have received a copy and have published online some excerpts from the book. Based on several of these online articles, I was able to compile a series of questions about her extended family experience and in particular, DJT.

For those serious readers, answers to these 10 questions can be found at the end of the article. One quick note, some questions have more than one correct answer. Good luck!

I. According to Mary's book, what was the weirdest gift Mary Trump (Trump’s niece) got from Donald Trump and Ivana?

1. Unopened sports memorabilia

2. A gift basket of crackers, sardines, caviar, and salami (with the caviar removed)

3. A two-pack of bras from Victoria Secrets

4. A three-pack of underwear from Bloomingdales

II. According to Mary Trump's book, how did Trump get into the Wharton school of management after two years of college at Fordham University?

1. His dad bribed the administrator

2. He lied on his application

3. He was a valedictorian in high school and got in on his own merits

4. He had someone take his SAT score for him after high school which helped to transfer to Wharton

From Wikipedia.

III. Mary Trump tells the story of how Fred Trump Jr.’s family turned their backs on him in times of need and didn’t accompany him to the hospital on the night he died.

1. Donald Trump allegedly went to see a movie

2. Donald was meeting with Roy Cohn on several of Trump’s lawsuits

3. Real estate deal to sign

4. DJT was meeting with dad on how to be a killer in business

IV. According to the book, Maryanne Trump Barry, a retired federal appeals court judge, and the president’s oldest sister, called Trump what during his 2016 presidential campaign?

1. Loser

2. Narcissist

3. Clown

4. Uniter

V. According to the book and according to Maryanne, the only time he (DJT) went to church was?

1. When Fred Sr. made him go

2. Collection for Donald’s charity

3. Camera was rolling

4. Many young women to see

VI. At one point in Trump's administration, some of the extended family got a tour of the White House and at one point the tour stopped at the Lincoln Bedroom, where Mary Trump observed a half-eaten apple on the bedside table. What did Donald Trump proclaim about this bedroom?

1. Melania and I have slept here

2. Some say this room is haunted

3. I wish my dad was here to see what I’ve become

4. Donald Trump said, “this place has never looked better since George Washington lived here.” (According to Wikipedia, on Saturday, November 1, 1800, John Adams became the first president to occupy the White House.)

VII. Mary Trump writes in the book, that Donald's sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, also often did his homework for him during high school, which ultimately helped get him into the University of Pennsylvania after several years of college. What specific homework did she do on behalf of Donald?

1. Common Sense

2. Ability to articulate

3. Reasonable debate without reverting to legal suits

4. Self-Reflection workshop

(Full Disclosure -- Not part of the book but could have certainly been included.)

VIII. It’s’s been public knowledge for years that Mary Trump’s father, Freddy Jr., was ostracized by his family. “Donald is worth ten of you,” Mary Trump writes, describing an exchange in which Donald and Freddy Trump’s father shouted at his namesake in front of employees. What did Fred say to Fred Jr.?

1. You’re too lazy

2. Don’t go for the jugular

3. Need to have a killer instinct in business

4. You lack almost all business acumen

IX. Donald Trump talked to the Washington Post in 2019, saying he regretted putting so much pressure on Fred Trump Jr. about his career. According to The Post, what did Trump say about the time that his brother wanted to become a pilot?

1. It’s too stressful

2. It’s too dangerous

3. Why be a chauffeur in the sky

4. Make more $ in real estate

X. Mary Trump earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 2009, and apparently, there are nine clinical criteria for a narcissistic personality disorder diagnosis. How many of these criteria did Donald Trump achieve according to Mary Trump's professional judgment?

1. 2

2. 5

3. 7

4. 9


I. - 2 & 4

II. - 1 & 4

III. - 1

IV. - 3

V. - 3

VI. - 4

VII. - All 4

VIII - 3

IX. - 3

X. - 4


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