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Brief BurgerFi Review

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

One warm winter evening while walking around an outdoor mall in Seminole, FL, we walked by BurgerFi and were intrigued by the ambiance so we decided to make our maiden voyage.

Once inside the restaurant you see the order touch screens so I assume the demographics are younger than 65 or so. The touch screen may be the first thing you notice even before you see the large menu above the serving/ordering area. This tool allows you to go from screen to screen to customize your order which worked well. I also appreciated the option of being asked a second time to ensure this AI device had captured the correct information. One small faux pas, all the table identifiers were being used so we couldn’t complete our order without staff involvement. I guess technology is only valuable when used correctly. I ordered the VegeFi burger with large fries ($4.97) and my wife ordered the Beyond Burger. The cheese on my veggie pattie had not yet melted but liked the fact the pattie was moist and flavorful which is uncommon at many restaurants that pretend to serve a tasty veggie burger.

I was thirsty for a beer so I appreciated the fact that their counter help allowed me to sample a few different beers. I opted for the local ale which tasted more like a light beer but hit the spot. My wife and I were quite hungry so we shared the large fries. We were quite hungry so we only realized later that the fries were on the salty side and too much grease for our taste.

The serving was generous although some of the fries were so long that they draped over the edge of the tray, I was mildly concerned about the germ factor for a minute or two. My wife thought the Beyond burger was delicious.

In terms of additional condiments, folded paper cups were used to dispense mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise. It appears that when you unfold the paper cups, they become small paper platters that hold more condiments for your dipping needs. Anyway, regarding the paper cups, I appreciated less plastic is used at BurgerFi.

On the paper coating tray, it stated that top Haiku Writers love how we make burgers. It also said that if you love BurgerFi, share your haiku with us (Should I surmise that a haiku is something in the order of Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat etc.?) and you could win a free burger. What are the odds of winning? What percentage of reviews or comments are done vis-a-vis the amount of free burgers given away? It also stated that if I love BurgerFi, share it. What if I’ve had a bad experience, should I not share it? Doesn’t corporate office also want to hear negative news or a not so positive customer experience? Sometimes, restaurants can learn more from challenges or critiques and turn it into a positive.

I like the idea of having two separate uni-sex restrooms and the anti-bacterial soap dispenser outside the restrooms. It was quite cool in this restaurant so we opted for the outside eating area which provided plenty of outdoor space. Our total for two burgers, large fries and a beer was about $23, a reasonable price indeed.

Would I go back? Indeed, but before ordering another burger, I'd study all the options available on the burger before pulling the trigger.


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