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Bon Voyage to Bon Voyage!

So, according to Bon Voyage (, they claim that ‘85% of Americans Don't Know What Country This Is.' They included an image with one country highlighted in red. Look, you’re being teased and tempted by Bon Voyage -- it's called clickbait. Ok, I’m a sucker but I’m too tempted to check out how well I’d do at geography.

Because it was a favorite subject of mine in school, I’m confident in my results. You begin by answering the first question based on a multiple-choice option. Once you select your answer, a response is given and then you click ‘Next’ to go on to the 2nd question. This continued to about 15 questions when the question occurred to me, how many questions are there? I understand clickbait and what they’re trying to accomplish but you can’t at least provide the question number? Anyway, once you get to 26, you know it could be as long as a 35 question quiz. In my mind, 35 questions become a test as the quiz part of it has been removed.

When you get to 40 questions, you begin counting down from 10, knowing that this quiz can’t realistically keep going after 50! But know, once you get there, you’re asked to answer another world geography question. At this point, I have no idea how long will it be? I was completely surprised that the quiz went longer than 50. After several more, I realize that it was beginning to be not only a world geography challenge but my endurance was being tested. It ended at 65, a sort of round number and for those keeping track at home, I missed on two countries.

You help engage folks to click on screen after screen with the hopes of patronizing one of the sponsors. First, to have a quiz that’s 65 questions long, could you not have told prospects of this fact? Or is it better to have them squander the quiz after 25 questions? Second, why can’t you tell the tester how many questions you’ve answered? Of course, knowing the total quiz amount and where a tester is in the duration of the quiz would be helpful too.

One more comment, as I mentioned earlier, their clickbait attraction was ‘85% of Americans don’t know what country this is in the image.’ Ok, I was not only able to identify the country in the image (Iran), I only answered two questions incorrectly. I guess I don’t know the difference geographically between Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. Because I was in the 15 percentile, what happens? Are these scores kept somewhere so we eventually receive an updated list on how many Americans can identify Iran? Let's be real, do I need to "play again" if I achieved 63 out of 65 correctly?

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