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You Are Entitled To Your Own Opinion, But You Are Not Entitled To Your Own Facts

I have included the first two paragraphs from the article on where a Presbyterian minister is suing Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and several other organizations as he feels his First Amendment rights have been violated. He's not allowed to hold a prayer vigil for Good Friday on the sidewalk near the Lower Western Terrace of the Capitol. The point of this post is to highlight some of the most ridiculous and inaccurate comments made on Fox News as a result of this story. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

A Presbyterian minister is suing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Kamala Harris, the U.S. Capitol Police Board, and the Senate Sergeant at Arms, claiming that the continued presence of a fence blocking off the area surrounding the Capitol building is violating his First Amendment rights.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney says in his complaint, filed Tuesday in federal court, that he has been trying to hold a prayer vigil for Good Friday on the sidewalk near the Lower Western Terrace of the Capitol, but authorities denied his request. Mahoney claims that he has held many similar events at the same location in the past, including last year, when he worked with Capitol Police to make sure the event complied with COVID-19 restrictions.


A toad has more religion than Pelosi and Kracula

So this commenter picked out a toad to show that this amphibian, who is most active at night, has more religion than Pelosi and Kracula. Interesting. There are over 300 species of toads in the world so does that mean all toads have more religion than Pelosi and Kracula? Maybe the comparison only had to do with the American toad (Bufo americanus). Perhaps I could maybe believe it if we considered toads from the Holy Land, they gotta have religion there!

One comment before I talk about religion, when did it occur (Fox News at least) for someone in the comments section referred to Vice President Harris as 'Kracula.' Call me naive but without heading to Mr. Google, that term is unfamiliar.

One other thing, what does it mean to have more religion than some of our federal leaders? Does it mean the person took more religion classes than another? Does it mean they are regular churchgoers? Does it mean that the tenor of this comment suggests they are indeed far-right? I know that people are pressed for time, but to make such a comment in such a public space is crazy and yet at the same time, predictable.

When a vague and inarticulate statement is made, the comment may typically lose much of its effectiveness.

We got Russia to take the wall down in Germany and we can’t get politicians to take down a wall in D C. Impeach them, this is Americans building not there’s!

Technically, the wall was erected in 1961 to separate East and West Berlin. During the Cold War, Berlin was in East Germany so technically the wall wasn't taken down in Germany, it was East Germany. Also, the wall came down in 1989 -- so it was present for nearly 30 years.

Sue this 2 crooked witches,is hard for them not to want the national guard after they claim a fraudulent election for 2020.

Where do I begin with this comment? First, the 2020 election was not fraudulent, the courts and state officials have certified the vote for their individual states. Just because this ridiculous claim is repeated over and over again doesn't eventually mean it's true.

Second, if you just read this comment, 'Sue this crooked witches, is hard for them not to want the national guard after they claim a fraudulent election. First, it should state, 'Sue these crooked witches, it is hard for them...' And when it's stated to 'Sue,' what will that look like? Who will do the suing and how will it be determined who the defendants are? Is this just bluster because the minister is upset that he can't hold a prayer vigil close to a building housing a legislative assembly?

I bet they would let people pray to the Kwaanzer gods.

Several ministers are not allowed to pray in a certain area outside the US. Capitol. This has created a mini-controversy, especially among those fervent Christians some of whom feel persecuted by this prohibited space for praying. Many commenters are upset by this prohibition, and some blame the Biden Administration. Ironically, some of those who believe it's our constitutional right to be able to pray outside the Capitol are the same ones who celebrated when some of their compadres stormed that same building. I'll sound like Captain Obvious but that's why there's a lot more security around the U.S. Capital -- a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch!

The point is that certain Kwanzaa followers, mainly African-Americans, would be allowed to pray in that disputed spot which is enabled by crooked Democrats. To suggest that the Biden Administration is prohibiting this minister from praying near the Capitol but those who follow Kwaaza gods would be allowed to do so is racist and factually false. If we went to with this comment it would be considered "pants on fire."

Brilliant intellects do not matriculate to study under someone dumber than themselves. Paul recognized Jesus as master of the intellect, above him in every way. Democrats hate Jesus. Do the math.

I suspect they are talking about the New Testament although the commenter fails to gently add that critical piece of information when they begin to refer to the Gospels of the New Testament. If you say that Democrats hate Jesus, that's a heavy statement to say. One could say that some Democrats hate Jesus, other Democrats love Jesus and some of those on the left are agnostic, atheist, or follow a different God. But to say that Democrats hate Jesus is the primary reason why I included this inaccurate statement.

What Trump supporters murdered anyone? How about BLM’rs beating down Asians?

As a result of storming the Capitol, five individuals lost their life. And yet, this commenter claims that The Former One's supporters didn't murder anyone (factually incorrect).

Several African-Americans have been charged with public assaults of Asian-Americans recently. However, just because they have a different skin color doesn't exactly mean that all those in this demographic support all of the BLM platforms. That's mere hyperbole.

In addition, the majority of victims are Asian-American and not simply 'Asian.' Again, facts are stubborn things...

It's all part of the mantra of the hypocritical left. No guns, no fences, no God. (yet they sit behind a fence guarded with guns... who knows, maybe they will find God back there too.)

If I read one more time that an American conservative says that the Democrats want to take away my guns, my head will explode (so to speak). I don't want to paint with a broad brush but what's with the lack of nuance among many Republicans? Do they merely see the future and they're afraid to eventually become a minority?

No fences, really, that's what you really believe? If so, reading a wide swatch of magazines and newspapers from all points of view might be useful.

The GOP continues to hammer away at the fact that Democrats are anti-religion. Perhaps they think if they repeat a lie over and over, perhaps half the country will believe it. One could find anti-religion folks among independents, liberals, and conservatives. Democrats don't have a monopoly on anti-religion, there's a perception among many Americans that Democrats are anti-religion but to a great extent, this untrue perception has been significantly repeated by Republicans. Go figure.

Shouldn't you ask the "real" president to do that? Joe's just riding out time until the pillow guy gets his wish answered.

Another comment that President Biden is not our real President. Again, among many far-right

circles, they continue to bang the drum that Biden was unfairly elected.

It would be useful to know more about the wishes of the 'pillow guy?' Why not include his name, Mike Lindell? Mike has not only been a regular on but he also advertises there. So you can only imagine what his wish is regarding President Biden.

They hate religion because it teaches general guidelines of how to be a good person.

It's a myth to think that only religion can teach someone general guidelines on how to be a good person or someone who exercises good morals. There are many ethical individuals in the U.S. that have no religious affiliation. Good morals and behavior may occur in religious circles or without these circles. Just because someone likes or follows religion doesn't guarantee that they are a good person or exercises good morals.

Pelosi doesn't want to have to soil another depends like she did during the "Capitol riots" where "mostly peaceful" protestors stormed the Capitol building. So its on lockdown.

What an uncivil and crude thing to say about Speaker Pelosi's personal life? It's unnecessary to feel compelled to attack a politician personally instead of critiquing certain policy discussions. As mentioned earlier and something that's been reported recently, there was a significant Capital breach, an event where we had the luck of the Irish. It could have been a real bloodbath or a coup if the objective of those who stormed the sacred place was to kill or kidnap such high-level officials in the Capital such as VP Pence, The Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader, Senate Minority Leader, and House Minority Leader.

On the other point, the commenter said the "Capitol riots" were "mostly peaceful" protestors stormed the Capitol. A brief history of the breach, four people are dead, after supporters of The Former One breached one of the most iconic American buildings on January 6.

The democrat party has ALWAYS been the enemy of the United States.

Is this an actual thought by one commenter or are they simply parroting what they've heard on right-wing media?

Pelosi and Biden claim to be catholic. I just don't see it. What they seem to look more like Satanists to me. There are no Christians in the democrat party. Christians don't murder babies and promote sexual perversion.

Some of the comments include that the democratic party enemies of the U.S. and others claim that democrats are anti-religion. If the democratic party is an enemy of the United States, how do we reconcile with the fact that Biden received 7 million more votes than The Former One in the 2020 election?

I sense that many Republicans want little change and love the status quo because it benefits them individually. What about having the idea that we are all Americans and we need to work together to make America a better place to live?

For dramatic purposes, the ROPE we use toHANG harris/pelosi should be onFIRE when they drop these two Satan worshippers through the gallows floor.

For a Trump supporter to talk about how these two Satan worshippers should be hung because they don't agree with someone's policies is just evil and the type of rhetoric we need less of in DC. While performing poorly as President, I don't want him to be hung for public viewing. I'd rather allow the courts to due diligence to determine if any laws were broken.

The violence Jan 6th was not from Trump supporters - never has been.
Dems are quickly turning our country into a totalitarian state.

As I mentioned earlier, just because someone continues to repeat a lie over and over again doesn't make it any more truthful.

Even Nanzi's daughter said she was wicked.

There's a first time for everything -- I wasn't aware that changing the spelling of the Speaker's first name suggests she's not a US patriot. It appears to me that 'Nanzi' is a way to describe Nancy Pelosi as a Nazi and anti-American. If you look at an American political spectrum, someone who is far right might be considered a nazi, and someone on the far left is considered leaning towards communism or socialism. In other words, the fact that some claim Speaker Pelosi is too radical would make her closer to communism and on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

People are free to state their opinions, which is easy to do, but one's opinion without considering the facts is strictly an opinion and in this case, simply shows one's ignorance about the political spectrum.

Btw did Kamala Harris qualify for the Kentucky derby?

Again, some of those commenters are getting personal regarding the new Administration. Is this comment somehow suggesting that VP Harris looks like a good racehorse? This comment avoids the reason for the barrier and decides to take a shot at VP Harris. I guess if you have nothing to add to the topic at hand, some may feel compelled to take a personal shot at our Vice President.


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