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What Makes America Great? Part III

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

An irreverent and snarky look at what makes America great. If I can't be funny, at least try to be interesting...

Iowa's Caucuses Should Remain First In The US Presidential Primary Season -- Getting the first shot at the Presidential primaries every 4 years is something typically promised to Iowa. Some say it's unfair that Iowa is first but I don't agree. Look, Iowa doesn't have much going for it besides pig farms and soybean fields. Also, I shouldn't have to remind people that they're in the Midwest where winters are as nasty as pig waste and some of the best exports from this state are NFL offensive linemen. Iowa also needs this as the University of Iowa hasn't won the NCAA championship since 2010 (see Penn State dominate recently). So let's get off Iowa's back about being first with all the other shit they have to deal with.

George Walker Bush
President George W. Bush (from Madam Toussauds, London)

Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq -- Hey, we invaded Iraq in 2003 after the US government said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Many in the Bush administration government also said they were involved in the 9/11 attack against the US. Never mind that France, Germany, New Zealand, and others in the Western alliance strongly opposed our intervention stating there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction; the US felt they had evidence to the contrary (or that is what they wanted US citizens to believe). We may have destroyed a country and killed many people, a country that's still trying to rebuild itself. Never mind that we also created a very unstable Middle East but we have to regularly feed the Military-Industrial Complex. Look, we can still military equipment in Saudi Arabia, so isn't that a good thing? One must also realize that American flags and red white and blue clothing sales increased post-war which helped Bush's economy not to mention our increased patriotism.

Shouldn't The US Support Israel Unconditionally? -- The United States is great because we give Israel about 5-6 billion dollars in subsidies annually while we give many of their Arab neighbors a paltry sum in comparison. Hey, let's look at the facts; it's the Holy Land and we have to keep Evangelicals and Conservatives in the States happy. Remember, there are many more Christians and Jews in the United States versus an Arab population so doesn't the subsidy discrepancy makes sense from a lobbying perspective? Yes, Israel is not always a bastion of democracy and they are violating an agreement by building in the West Bank but let's not forget that, according to the Christians, that's where their King was born many years before. Let's also not forget that many conservative and some liberal Jews in the US supports the Israeli policy regardless of Israel's behavior or their current political party. Isn't it logical that one's religion or ethnicity may dictate how much support you have for your fatherland?

Rupert Murdock's News Corp

Outraged On Social Media And To The News -- You know many people on social media are outraged about mistreating a whale stranded on the beach in Rhode Island or how some moms breastfeed in public. If you pay any attention to the news or social media, there are plenty of opportunities for someone to show their outrage about events reported in the news. Is it not good that people are outraged? It gives them something to get behind or complain about and perhaps it's cathartic too. Doesn't it show they care never mind the energy one expends by doing so? Should they try an alternative and make a difference by getting away from their computer and social media to impact change? Or is that too much work? Regardless, I'll be the first to say I'm not volunteering to make that suggestion to those outraged citizens in person.


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