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Waianapanapa State Park (Black Sand Beach) - Mostly Images

Another article about our recent trip and experience to Hawaii (Kauai and Maui).

In Maui, we made it to the Waianapanapa State Park which is a park with black sand. It’s a little gritty at times but completely black. My wife and I climbed on the rocks north of the bay area to get a better view. There were little pockets in the lava hills to be protected by the wind and surf but a visitor could still enjoy the waves crashing into the hills. Each wave may behave differently when deciding when to crash into the black cliffs but at the very least, you knew a big surf was forthcoming. My wife got quite close to a pocket in the hills not affected by lava – so she had a close-view of the surf and incredible spray of water, sometimes 50 to 60 feet in the air (see first and only video). She does quite well in water and for this time, she didn’t disappoint.

While on this ridge, we had no visitors whatsoever for at least 15 minutes. As we made our way to the black sand, we let visitors know that that view was something they were just going to have to see for themselves.


Amazing Vegetation.

Black Sand is Beautiful.

Rocky Coast

Rocky Trail Along The Coast.

A Nice View Of The Bay.

Pristine Black Sand Beach.
The black sand here is just amazing, hard to describe except the sand here doesn't have the smaller sand granules, and is typically a different color.


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