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Restaurant Wishes

Updated: May 4, 2019

I've compiled a list of my restaurant desires that if fulfilled, will make me happy and motivate me to return to that restaurant regularly:

1. A menu that lists the prices of all food and drink.

2. Adequate parking. If you have to continue to circle around the parking lot for a parking spaces for 10 minutes at a new restaurant, someone missed a key part of their design.

3. Noise level that allows me to converse easily with my companion(s).

4. Lighting bright enough for me to see the menu, but soft enough to be relaxing.

5. Wait staff who don't address the table as "guys," as in, "How are you guys this evening?"

6. A menu on which I can identify, without "online browsing," most of the items on the menu.

7. Water and if I'm lucky, fresh, warm bread!

8. Food that arrives at the temperature at which it is supposed to be eaten.

9. Wait staff trained not to remove plates until all at the table have finished eating.

10. On leaving, "thank you" from the server and the host/hostess.

11. Not having the impression that you're being hurried out the door to increase turnover.

12. Having a good sense of time. Deliver the food and ensure everything is OK, and then come back in about 10 minutes to ensure everyone is enjoying their meal.

13. Don't bring out any entrees while some at the table are still enjoying their soup or salad!

14. Have the specials printed out (with prices). Wait staff may memorize the specials and then quickly reel them off and most of your party are smiling at each other trying to catch one or two entrees they'd consider. Just think of the time you'd save where you don't always have to repeat the specials to all guests as they can review them ahead of time. (Wait staff would be available to answer specific questions about the specials instead).

15. I appreciate restaurants removing the cost of an entree when it's not satisfactory. However, when you say you'll remove the charge from the bill due to an unsatisfactory meal, remember to do so.

16. If a restaurant advertises that it has many beers on tap, offer to provide samples if some at the table don't know exactly what beer to order.

17. A restaurant that doesn't have a TV at every other table or booth.

18. Ordering a beer while perusing the menu should take no more than 10 minutes to be delivered. When it's delivered 15 minutes after my meal has been delivered does not represent good service regardless of how busy the restaurant is.


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