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Random Thoughts on Consumerism

CNN, Please Mix Up the Video Ads

I spent a lot of time on this week. Some of the time was spent viewing videos of the Impeachment Hearings. As it the case when viewing most videos on CNN, there's a commercial which precedes the video. In my experience this week, I saw 6 consecutive commercials advertising the value of working at Amazon. Cute video perhaps but seeing that over and over became tiresome. A suggestion, when viewing an ad, why not allow the viewer to choose which commercial they want to view. A win-win, more of a push theory than a pull one; the corporation in this case still earns ad revenue and the viewer has a little say in the matter.

GMC Television Ads - What Does MSRP Really Mean?

The GMC truck advertises that the cost of this vehicle is over $10,000. Really, this is a crazy amount of money below MSRP. If this is indeed so much under MSRP, does MSRP really carry much weight anymore?

Not My Kind Of Town - Chicago Style

So my daughter and I wanted to spend an hour or so at the ChristKindl Market on Daley Plaza in Chicago. We were early for grandmother's Thanksgiving so we had a little time to kill. Where to park? We went up and down LaSalle and Clark streets trying to find street parking but nothing was available within blocks of Daley Plaza so we opted for parking just north of the Plaza. Not knowing the cost, we lost most options on where to park. I was thinking parking downtown on Thanksgiving may be free but when dealing with Chicago's prices and taxes, one never knows.

My Main Takeaways:

No Thanksgiving special, I guess this parking structure should give thanks that they charge normal rates on a holiday.

The sign says $49 between 81 minutes and 12 hours and then $52 for 12 hours and 24 hours, so if it's exactly 12 hours, is it $49 or $52?

With these prices, at least they could have valet!

They give you about 15 minutes to exit once you've paid which is one bright sign.

Are you towed if you exceed 24 hours?

Consider these prices without any personal interaction. It's a great gig if you can get it.

Wow, taxes are included, how unAmerican as tax is typically added to the bill.

Two Dan Patrick Podcast Critiques

On hour 2 of DP Show podcast, Dan Patrick railed against his personal experience with sports gambling. He stated emphatically that it was a miserable experience, something he'd never do again as losing money hurt more than winning. He also stated that his personality and gambling didn’t go hand and hand. Don’t chase bets, I hated it. Did stupid things years ago and so nervous watching those games he bet on. He also mentioned in his 'mini-rant' that he's told his son a number of times not to do what he did. As the podcast went to a commercial, the first commercial that appeared was ’BetOnline’, the sports online experts. Dan, do as I say, not as I do?

Listening to the same show's podcast on Tuesday, December 3, Paul Pabst, one of the 4 Danettes is a spokesperson for Geico. In this ad that I’ve heard about 25 times, Pabst says Geico has been offering great rates and great service for 75 years, does he have evidence to prove his claim? What criteria were used to determine Geico has been offering great rates and great service for 75 years? Prior to 15 years or so, how many consumers ever heard of Geico? Pabst also says he’s been a fan and has been using them a long time myself. I wonder what a 'long time myself' means quantitatively?

One more thing about Geico and advertising, they typically do a lot of advertising, especially associated with sports so it must be quite effective.

Does Our FLOTUS Give A Damn?

I recently read that First lady Melania Trump wants people to stop talking so much about what's she's wearing and more about what she's saying. Indeed, I'm quite confused about her message. I appreciate the idea that she feels people don't hear her message enough and if she's genuinely concerned about conveying her message from her position of power, I get it.

However, does she actually think as a former model, that by wearing expensive designer dresses, jackets and shoes, people will naturally gravitate towards what she's saying? These outfits typically carry a "wow" factor to them so half the message may be lost by fellow Americans reviewing her fashion choice.

Is there a disconnect in her mind about why Americans don't always hear her message as she dresses in a very modern and sophisticated manner? Or does the FLOTUS not give a damn about the mixed-message she's sending?

Can I Find a Lexus 350 RX Without A Navigation System?

Why does Lexus 350 RX have a navigation system as standard for their 2020 vehicles? Especially with Car Play, you don't need the NS. At a cost of over $2,000, I sense it is part of the upcharge they are doing to earn more money on the sale of this vehicle.


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