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Random Questions That Beg An Answer...

Why does Major League Baseball have separate MVP's for the American and National League while the NBA and NFL do not separate this award between conferences? This applies to the Cy Young award too where you have two winners each year for MLB.

Why does the Spirit Air pilot welcome me to Chicago (the Windy City) when we're still 100 miles away? I appreciate the spirit but shouldn't a welcome occur as we're taxing or disembarking the airplane?

2018 MVP of the National Football League

And why does the NFL announce Pro Bowl candidates weeks before the end of season?

Why does not ESPN and TNT not show close ups or replays of questionable calls? Without regular instant replay on these types of calls, how well do I know the referees are doing?

Why do so many websites that one visits for the first time ask you a series of questions before proceeding? If you're website doesn't have all the answers or isn't designed well, you're already on mental probation before the first question appears.

I get it that allows non-subscribers 3 visits per month before you need to subscribe to the online version. However, if you've reached your 3 visits but link to one of their articles from Google or Bing news, you're unable to read that article? Should not a message saying one is limited to 3 articles per month under these links on these news site aggregators?

One lesson learned while flying is to carry on headphones to drown out the noise which includes crying babies. The next tool I will use involves body odor. This may involve someone sitting next to you who doesn't necessarily practice good hygiene or someone whose perfume is not appealing to one's nose sense. I need something to cover my nose and or mouth to address this and perhaps mitigate the amount of germs I contract while in that metal compartment in the sky.

Mariano's Produce Department

Who approved having this sharp provolone cheese display (very stinky) in the midst of the produce section at Mariano's?

Should the Green Bay Packers change their 50 yard logo from white to gold? If their colors are the green and gold and the field is green, why not change the color of 'G' to a solid gold (or yellow) color. Besides, it's a better color than white and more recognizable.

Should this be gold instead of white?

On two consecutive days at Lowe's, I experienced challenging service trying to get an electrician to assist me. On the first attempt, the cashier said the electrician was unavailable as he was at lunch and during the second day (at a different Lowe's) the electrician didn't show even though one was paged. After this experience, should I switch to Home Depot or just figure it's a little bad luck at these separate stores?

Are all questions good questions? You hear this on podcasts, TV and radio shows. Couldn't the instructor, presenter or lecturer say "interesting question," "thought provoking question" or "fair question" instead of the obligatory "good question?"

When going through security at airports, should we start saying thank you to the Transportation Security Administration for their service? They are federal employees who are helping Americans stay safe. We’re encouraged to tell military personnel thanks for your service, why not the TSA? While on this subject, why not thank police officers and firefighters? They provide security and safety to Americans too. 

When I look at my weather app on my iPhone is says the high and low temperatures for a given day. For example, for Monday, April 15th, the temperature will range from 49 to 41 degrees in Libertyville, IL. However, the current temperature that Monday morning says 35 degrees. When I review the high and low temperatures for a given day, I'd like to see the actual temperature range for a 24 hour period as in my mind, that's the actual time within a given day.


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