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Quick Sports Commentary - Part II

Updated: Mar 13, 2021


The Green Bay Packers played the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday night, November 5th. Green Bay received the opening kickoff and built a successful drive of 5-plays until Aaron Rodgers connected on a 35-yard touchdown pass to Adams. At this point, Joe Buck said “The Packers could not have started the game any better” which made me think. If they had a six-play 75-yard drive, does that really mean the Packers could have started the game any better? In other words, what about a 105-yard kickoff return? What about a kickoff return with a personal foul against the 49ers? What about a kickoff return to their opponents’ 1-yard line? Would either of these scenarios have been better than the six-play 75-yard drive?

Joe Buck could have been more succinct in describing the Packers start in this game. For example, he could have said, “This drive was a great way of getting Aaron Rodgers and their offense working well together so early in the game.” But no, he took the easy way out, one that wouldn’t require as much thinking or analysis by saying, “The Packers could not have started the game any better.” I’m not a fan of Joe Buck and his lack of making concise comments only makes him grate on me more when I view the game of the week on Fox.

One more thing, in last night's game between the Seahawks and Cardinals, Troy Aikman, Joe Buck's partner had a different description after the initial drive by the Seattle Seahawks. Troy said, "A good way to start the night." Indeed, a much more succinct description than Mr. Buck had.

Addition added on 03/13/21. An announcer during the Nuggets versus Mavs game when he noticed the score was 9 - 0 in favor of the Nuggets said, "You can't ask for a better start."

Look, it's a good start when you can hold your opponent to zero points during stretches of an NBA game. It's also a good start to score 9 quick points at the start of the game while your opponents haven't scored. But to say, you can't ask for a better start is too much sports hyperbole. It sounds great but isn't precise descriptions of what has occurred during the start of this game.


During ESPN’s Monday night pre-game show on November 16th, Booger McFarland and Randy Moss discussed DeAndre Hopkins’ top 5 catches of his current career. One collegiate highlight was shown and the other video clips displayed his amazing leaping ability and huge hands. For those who are not visually impaired, you will notice this physical specimen while on the gridiron. One of his highlights displayed Hopkins snaring the football out of mid-air with one hand. Indeed, Hopkins is an amazing athlete but is blessed with speed, jumping ability, and huge hands. Look, do you think Michael Jordan would have been a success with average size hands and a mediocre vertical jump? I don’t think so. Getting back to Hopkins, after the end of the montage, Booger only had one salient point by saying what people don’t know about Hopkins is his large hands. Booger, Hopkins is an amazing wide receiver and as we watch those clips, are you sure the viewing audience hasn’t noticed his large hands while receiving the football?


Since mid-October, Dan Patrick on his radio show has talked about the current “hot” player in the NFL who is currently the odds on favorite to win the MVP. Mind you, he started this discussion at game 6 or so in a 16 game season – not yet 40% of the actual season had been played. At the same time he mentions his vote for the MVP, he complains that sportswriters and other media are broaching the subject way too early. So what does Mr. Patrick do? On the following Monday and after the majority of the games have been played for that particular weekend, he can’t help himself by mentioning there’s a new MVP front runner. For example, Russell Wilson had been his choice but after a few bad games by Russ, he’s switched to Patrick Mahomes or Kyler Murray. It could be entertaining to hear new reasons why a new player is the MVP front runner but really, what is DP doing? He complains about the sports media broaching this topic so soon in the 2020-21 season and what does he do? He continues to bring up this topic every week even though it appears by his past comments that he thinks it’s too early to consider this aware.

Dan, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you’re annoyed by it, then ignore it. If you’re not willing to ignore it, then stop complaining. Choose a lane and stick to it.

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