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I'm Curious (Satire)

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Years ago, I worked at a Fortune 500 company that established a new campaign called

What am I curious about.

The tone was set by senior executives and their goal was to get their employees to be curious about new approaches to work, new technology developments and innovative business approaches to help the company's bottom line.

Not a bad idea, why not reach out to employees to get their input, what do you have to lose?However, after providing my input, I reversed the discussion and wanted to share my input (from an employee perspective) on what I was curious about corporate policy and the company's culture.

What am I curious about corporate policy and company's culture.

I’m curious why for years, I received a survey after every internal IT call I made? Isn't that a little over the top?

I'm curious why the company wanted employees to take 5 and read about the latest company news when so many of us had so much work to do; the last thing you wanted to do is take time out of your busy schedule and read something not necessarily aligned to your assigned work.

I’m curious why the company didn't do a more depth job to learn people's skills and gifts and try to find positions that will utilize those assets. Making it a win-win for both the employee and employer. Of course the cost-benefit analysis may be required to help justify this new employee development approach.

I'm curious why so many older employees were still working in corporate America? Is the primary reason related to affordable health care or additional income? Social and benefit related?

I'm curious why certain employees, who used inferior headset telecommunication equipment continued to use said equipment even though they've been told repeatedly by their colleagues they were still hard to hear?

I'm curious why personality mattered in terms if you wanted to pitch an idea to your boss. If not well liked, it was quite challenging to get your boss to serious consider it.

I'm curious if my director ever realized he was not good at motivating employees. In the same vain, did his boss's boss realize his lack of emotional intelligence? He may be proficient in his subject matter, but that may help him motivate his employees....especially if anything pertained to being curious to casually discussing a new idea or an alternative approach to a business process.

I'm curious why certain cube mates continued to have their mobile device alerts on audible so everyone nearby could hear their alerts every 15 minutes.

I'm curious why my excellent work disappeared (as if it went into a black hole) once it was sent to my manager but if not exactly what she wanted or if somehow I misinterpreted her requirements, she was not a bit shy about drilling me with her complaints.

I'm curious why I heard from my manager when I made a mistake but rarely heard positives when they were deserved.

I'm curious if telecommunications companies could develop closed captioning software for teleconference calls. With so much diversity in the office, having closed captioning could help the speaker to know if they're effectively communicating. If the results show sounds emanating from their mouth are not clear and effective for the other listeners, then the speaker needs to make the necessary adjustments. This technology could be similar to the iPhone technology (Transcription Beta) when leaving a voicemail.


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