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What Makes America Great - Part V

Updated: May 29, 2020

An irreverent and snarky look at what makes America great!

What makes America great? Hillary Clinton -- Ok, why don’t you just go away? You were in the news this week and stirred some controversy about the idea that not many in politics or government like Bernie Sanders. You also had the beef with Tulsi Gabbard in October when you called her a “Russian asset” during a podcast. And now she’s suing you for $50 million for defamation. Shouldn't your role be one of a statesman and supporting the Democratic party overall? Why all this divisiveness? I know Republicans hate you and your husband and you’re well educated, rich and elitists but at the same time, many Democrats can’t forgive you for inept campaigning in 2016 and bringing the circus to our Nation’s Capital. You had a couple of bad breaks but strong campaigning would have put you over the top. Hillary, if you can't help yourself and make controversial comments about Democratic candidates, I think you should just go away.

What makes America great? Alan Dershowitz -- What never dawned on me until today was seeing the word ‘show’ within ‘Dershowitz,’ that’s not a major surprise because everything he does is about Alan. He said in 1998, “You don’t have break the law to be impeached. If you corrupt the office of the president and Congress deems you guilty of ‘abuse of power,’ it can be an impeachable offense.” Now, more than 20 years later, his argument has changed claiming his recent position is ‘much more correct.’ He goes on to say ‘abuse of power’ is not impeachable. According to Mr. Dershowitz, his original comment about this issue was ‘correct’ but now his argument today is ‘much more correct.’ You can’t be ‘right’ in ’98 and ‘much more correct’ today. It’s either you were wrong 20 years ago and right today or vice versa. You can’t have it both ways…

His argument or defense on cases he accepts or consults on can be summed up in what’s best for Alan Dershowitz. It’s not any consistent morals or standards that he’s leveraging but rather to use the law, the U.S. Constitution and other legal rulings to best benefit his brand in whatever legal argument possible. I won’t even go into the OJ defense case, his association with Jeffrey Epstein, one-time liberal and now regularly contributor to Fox News. At best, he’s a slime ball and weasel.

What makes America great? Google -- I log in to Google via Edge (Microsoft) to see my Gmail but Google is programmed to ask me if I want to change my browser to Chrome. This occurs on Firefox and Edge, and is annoying to say the least. I guess it's true in this situation that a free service is accompanied by user challenges. I'd like to ask for a more user-friendly sign: No Thanks; Yes; No Thanks and Please Don’t Ask Me for 6 Months; Please Don’t Ask Me for 12 Months, or Please Don’t Ask Me Ever Again. Is that something Google might consider?

What makes America great? Joe Biden -- Good ole Joe, your colossal mistake was made regarding your son, Hunter Biden. Why would you ever use your business or government connections to get him involved in energy companies in Ukraine? If you had five percent political aspirations still within you after being our VP, why not hedge and not go there? Bad optics? You're a good man but dude, that wasn't your best political calculation. You often laugh off some of your gaffes over the years but I don’t know what to think of that. I know at 77, you appear to be in good shape -- you certainly owned many more books than the former President, Ronald Reagan, (who allegedly owned more horses than books), but still, Joe, hasn’t your time passed? Ideally, someone your junior by 10 or 20 years might be the right road to take.

What makes America great? Packer Stock Holders -- Some very loyal fans will not balk by purchasing Packer stock for $200. Never mind it never appreciates and is merely a marketing gimmick. Most stock will eventually appreciate although it may have some down days too it eventually will increase (if it's a viable company). In actuality, Packer stock will depreciate every day that it's held on to after purchase. Is that the way you want to be treated by this organization? Shouldn’t you get more for your money than a mere certificate? If you purchased another individual stock at $200 and held onto it for 30 years at an 8% rate of return, that would be worth over $2,000. Which is 10 times the amount you paid for the Packer stock.

Packer Stock Holders, perhaps it's a PR move to own at least one share of Packer stock but I'm not buying it. You can only bring so many neighbors down to your man cave to show off this stock before it starts to collect dust. A good decision? I don’t think so but that’s just me.

What makes America great? Pop Ups When First Visiting A Site -- I'll try not to paint with a broad brush but doesn't it seem like you see pop ups when visiting a site anywhere from signing up for the companies newsletter or to attend an upcoming event? I don't mean to single out techcrunch but this was the latest pop up I experience. Putting aside this latest pop up, many online product and service companies do this. If you're researching a product or service on various websites, it's common that you have to 'swat' these annoying ads away before doing more serious research.


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