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This is Not a Normal President

Updated: May 24, 2020


It’s more than curious that Donald J. Trump’s signature will be on the stimulus checks mailed to millions of Americans. Typically the checks are signed by a representative of the Treasury Department but not in this situation. Trying to fathom how this happened? That should not take long…This is not a normal president.

During one of Trump's recent Coronavirus press conferences, his focus waned and he proceeded to brag that he was number one on Facebook. He was so enamored with that adulation that he lost focus of the purpose behind these press conferences. As President, his job during a pandemic is to lead all Americans and provide comfort and care during these unprecedented times which he's incapable of doing…This is not a normal president.

Letter Send To Fellow Americans. Interesting That Senate Majority Leader Was Physically Able To Get This Passed When It Benefits President Trump But What About the Hundreds Of Bills Congress Has Passed And You Want Take These Up For Consideration.
Trump's Letter To Fellow Americans.

When the stock market drops 1,000 points in a single day, DJT interestingly doesn't mention this fact. However, if the market increases by 1,000 points, DJT is the first to engage in self-congratulations on the fine job he's doing for the economy (BTW, stock market results do not accurately depict the health of an economy). If the Dow does well, he takes the credit but if it dips, he'll avoid that responsibility and pivot to say he created the greatest American economy ever…This is not a normal president.

Early in April, DJT said he wanted to reopen our businesses on Easter Sunday. In an interview with Fox News, Trump said, “You’ll have packed churches all over our country … I think it’ll be a beautiful time.” A week later, he pivoted from his inaccurate prediction and rooted for some governors to open up their states. At the same time, thousands of Americans were still affected by COVID-19 and many others in harms way. Also, there were millions of Americans who wanted the test but couldn't get one all the while DJT is cheering for the economy to open. Empathy and care for all Americans? He has an unquenchable thirst to remain looking good among his base supporters…This is not a normal president.


When the Presidential Coronavirus Press Conferences began, the original time slot conflicted with Rush Limbaugh's radio program so what does a true leader do, he changed his press conference to later in the day so to not interfere with Limbaugh's radio program…This is not a normal president.

According to Media Matters, Fox News promoted the hydroxychloroquine “solution” for the Coronavirus over 300 times in two weeks in March and after Trump heard this on Fox News, he began to encourage Americans “Just to try it, what do you have to lose?" Rush Limbaugh also picked up on this idea and mentioned this on his radio show (which attracts millions) and subsequent news reports mentioned that as a result lupus patients and others who depend on hydroxychloroquine are facing shortages…This is not a normal president.

Imagine Seeing A Picture Of President Trump With His Mouth Open? (courtesy of CNBC)


In February and early March, President Trump said the virus would eventually just disappear especially with warmer weather but it hasn’t happened so he’s trying to change the narrative by saying he did whatever he could have early on and it’s not his fault so he feels he shouldn't be held responsible for the spread of COVID-19. And let the states deal with it…This is not a normal president.

During one of his press conferences in March, he said that all Blue and Red State Americans need to recognize this serious crisis so we all need to come together as a nation and fight this silent killer. It didn't take our POTUS long to resort to name-calling of Democratic Governors who had a differing opinion on how to best address this crisis at the state level…This is not a normal president.

Over the past months, Trump has insulted reporters from the major media companies as they try to hold him accountable. Things like "third rate reporter" and "fake news" are some of his comments made during the Coronavirus press conference. When he feels like he's being attacked, and especially by a female reporter, he reverts to insults...I say Trump is like a rooster who must, must crow every single day...This is not a normal president.

The Federal government recently forecasted in early May '20 that double-digit unemployment would linger into next year. That didn't stop our POTUS from saying this week, "those jobs will all be back, and they'll be back very soon." So this prediction was inconsistent to what federal officials forecast. As a concerned and critical citizen, the first thing that comes to mind after hearing these conflicting statements is what he said on February 27, 2020 about the Coronavirus, "It's going to disappear. One day it's like a miracle, it will disappear." My response: Fool me once, shame on you but fool me twice, shame on me...This is not a normal president.


President Trump has been saying since early March of '20 that anyone that wants a test can get one. This isn’t true, many reports throughout the country of citizens feeling sick but unable to get tested. As of May 6th, 2020, only about 7.8 million Americans have been tested, about 3.3% of the population…This is not a normal president.

He refused to accept the testing kits from the WHO saying that America can quickly create their tests (we're still waiting)…One might argue that this was the biggest gaffe of handling this crisis…This is not a normal president.


DJT didn’t want to close each of the states during this pandemic even though he didn’t have the authority to do so but that didn’t prevent him from trying. In mid-April, he tangled with Governors on the issue of DJT having the authority to open the States. He eventually relented and said the States indeed have that authority. Mr. Genius should know if he doesn’t have the authority to close, he certainly doesn’t have the authority to open…This is not a normal president.

In March, Trump warned governors who desperately need equipment from the federal government that he might withhold aid if they are not appreciative of his actions. Funny, isn’t this the same card he played in response to Ukraine’s request that certain conditions needed to be met before they receive aid (even though Congress had already designated that money to help Ukraine fight against the Russians?)…This is not a normal president.


In late December of 2017, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This was to give Americans tax relief from the big and bad federal government. The total tax cuts were over $1 trillion and many argue that Trump wanted to maintain the annual economic growth and the strong stock market. Question, shouldn't tax cuts be given during a weaker economy with less liquidity? So we added over $1 trillion to our deficit during a fairly strong economy when this type of deficit spending should be saved as a 'rainy day fund' when we confront high unemployment and weak economic conditions. Now, we need to prop up the economy during an actual crisis and add trillions to our national debt...This is not a normal president.

Written by Kevin Schwarm

Libertyville, Illinois


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